Convert 8mm Film Home Movies To Digital DVD

Do you or your family have movies that were taken with a 8mm or 16mm camera, those cameras with the cans of film?

And then remember we used to have the projectors that we would set up to watch those home moves we made of our kids first steps, their first birthday’s, our vacations, weddings, graduations or anniversaries or other family events? 

And now those films are stored and we dont ever get to share with our family and friends as a part of our family history. 

If you have these old home movie films and even a projector, you have probably forgotten how to use it or it could be broken, you can’t even purchase the projectors anymore.

And after these films have been around for a period of time, they will start to deteriorate and you will loose those precious memories, from scratching, fading and breakage. 

Well now there is a way that Scan Digital can restore these films with a process of repairing the film from breakage or cracking by splicing the film back together to make it a smooth transfer onto a digital DVD.

Wouldn’t it be nice not to worry about fire, flood or some other circumstance?

The Scan Digital process makes it easy when you send in your film, their well trained professional technicians handle your film carefully where is is cleaned, given a bar code for inventory then your convert 8mm film is flawlessly transferred to DVD, and if requested even video files are loaded to an external hard drive.

With this process of having a digital DVD you are ready to reshare your memories with you family and friends that you have not been able to do for years.

Visit their website for more details of how you can use their services to save your films.

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