What Do You Know About Bra Size

How Do You Know If You’re Wearing The Right Bra?Mesh Plunge Bra

It is easier than you might think, but so many women get it wrong. A study shows
that 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size. On top of that 40% of women
are wearing the wrong bra AND cup size. Hearing that number probably makes you
second-guess if you’re wearing a bra that actually fits you.

With not many options you would think that finding your correct bra size should be
a breeze. All that you have to do is pick the correct band and cup size, which have a very limited selection, although some companies are now offering half-cup bra sizes.

It might not be easy to tell if you are wearing the correct bra but there are a few ways to tell if you are wearing the incorrect bra.

Seems pretty obvious, but check for bulges or spillage. Even if you’re wearing a
revealing demi-cup bra, nothing should be falling out. There should be a nice flush
line between your bra and your shirt.

If they are constantly falling of your shoulder, guess what? The straps might be too
wide set for your body. Look into finding more narrow straps if you know that you
have a narrow body. If your straps leave marks, then they are too tight. Your straps
should not be providing the support that is for the cups and the back band.

Back Band
If your back band rides up, that is not normal. Your back band should lie flat on your back and parallel to the ground. It also should not be digging into your skin. That means that it is too small. You want it to be snug but not tight, know the difference.

What’s the gore? It is the part of the bra between the cups that lies in the center
of your chest. This is one of the easier ways to tell if your bra does not although it
seems to. It should lie flat on your sternum at all times. So get up move around, bend down, reach up and check to make sure that your gore is not moving off of your chest. If the gore moves, the cups might be too small or the bra might not be the right size for your body.

Not all bras have them, but if they do it should not feel uncomfortable. Shorter
women tend to experience the wire poking them in the underarm and this is
because the wire may be too long. Try a smaller cup or demi-cup style because the
wire will be smaller.

The last thing to do is just to look at the overall shape on your body. At the end of
the day you are the one that needs to be comfortable with your purchase and your
fit. Make sure you can move comfortably and feel supported in your choice.
If you’re a number person and you like to see some concrete math work out your
bra size, there are bra fitting tools on the internet that can help you with that.

Good Luck!

Image Source: Third Love.com

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