A Kitchen Blunder-A Burning Experience

This is my story and Im sticking to it. We were getting ready, (feeling pressure from my husband to hurry) I was baking a diet cookie in the microwave and set it for the wrong time, 11 minutes instead of 1 minute 11 seconds, well needless to say it started burning, smoking and you know the rest.

This is no the first time I have burned food in the microwave, stove of oven but it is the first time I almost had a fire in the microwave. And oh my gosh the smoke and smell. Now the smell is not just the kitchen but my bedroom too*?@# Shoot. So I know of some ways you can rid the smokey smell and odor, I opened windows turned on the fans, lite a candle and filled my melting tart jar, but to no avail. Not to mention the inside of the microwave was yellowed by the smoke and smell. So I turned to Google for some answers and found these home remedies to try:
Vinegar on a slice of bread
Vinegar in a bowl
Peels of oranges and lemons
↑ All these set out in the rooms that are effected ↑
For the kitchen and on a baking pan, add cinnamon, butter and sugar and place in 200° oven and turn off.

For the Microwave
Boiling coffee for 2 minutes, then let sit
I also added a second time cinnamon and reboiled
Wipe out with vinegar and water

I think it is still in the vents and will just take time.

But in my search I found 2 videos that helps explain how to make fresheners
and one on what to use when food gets burnt.

This one is
Making Fresheners
Kitchen Basics


What are your suggestions on past experiences? What has worked?

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