Have You Ever Wondered Why Men Prefer Dating Younger Women?

Why Do Men Prefer To Date Younger Women?

It seems that whichever romance-related research hits the headlines, men are always reported to prefer pretty young types.

Notably, young girls in their early 20s seem to be the ideal type for any typical bloke. As you can imagine, this creates waves of worry in all older women, who are now tempted to categorise themselves as ‘past their best’. Why do men date younger women

An obvious attraction

Yet, who’s to say this stereotype fits all fantasies. Scientific data for research purposes is so often managed and moulded to prove hypotheses. It is made to suggest something significant has come from a study.

Of course, men may find the firm skin and carefree nature of young women attractive. You know, those girls who have ample free time to attend to their beauty regimes, and superfluous cash to splash on the latest, revealing fashions. Men do place emphasis on looks, after all.

What’s more, it is likely that this has much to do with instinctive reproductive urges. Men who are looking for love later in life, may want to settle with someone who is guaranteed to give them children. While age may not be a conscious factor when dating, it can be that males are likely drawn to ladies who fit this bill.

The other side of the story tells a similar tale. It isn’t uncommon for women to prefer an older man, either. Associated with commitment and security, ladies often look for love with someone older, freeing themselves from the feeble ways of men their own age. Perhaps the age gap phenomenon works both ways, after all.

Nothing more than a number?

That being said, when reality kicks in, is age really a factor when entering a relationship? Or does love simply take over? While some numbers may seem out of bounds, upon meeting an ideal match, are you even aware of their age?

Online dating provides a platform to connect with men and women of all ages, on the search for fun, friendship, and to lay the foundations for long lasting love. It opens up options by giving individuals access to thousands of likeminded singles.

After a quick and simple sign up process, online dating enables you to look through registered profiles based on specific search filters, including age. You are then free to browse through users, for anyone who might catch your eye.

Abolishing all awkward meets and blundering blind dates, private messaging facilities allow you to get to know someone before you take the next step.

What are you looking for? Online dating websites are available to help make local matches, but also for niche demographics, such as professionals and mature singles. Mature people will prefer mature dating on the Mature Singles Agency; whilst younger people will use a more popular platforms like Tinder. Whatever you want for your love life, there’s an online dating platform perfect for you.


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