What is an Electric Floor Mop – Online Guide to Purchase

An-electric-floor-mop-can-highly-beneficial-and-cost-effective-alternateThe floor of your house is probably one of those parts of the entire property that gets dirty every day. When somebody walks in wearing dirty shoes, when you spill or drop something on the floor or even when your kids turn the house flooring into a huge canvas, your floor gets dirty. The only way to get rid of all the dirt and to make the floor look neat and clean again is to simply mop the floor. There was a time when people used to mop their floorings manually. However, in this modern era, people have switched to using automatic techniques to mop their house floorings. One of the highly popular mopping solutions is an electric floor mop.

What Exactly Is an Electric Floor Mop?

Unlike popular beliefs, an electric floor mop is nothing like the steam mop. This is simply because the former uses water, a cleaning solution, and loads of powerful agitation to mop the floor instead of depending on steam. As a result of this, it delivers a better and more effective cleaning. The reason behind the growing popularity of an electric flor mop is its greater effectiveness when it comes to getting rid of tough and sticky messes on the floor. Using a steam mop will not help to get rid of this mess. It is the combination of the cleaning solution and powerful agitation that helps the mop deliver great results.

If you are used to cleaning the floor of your house with the help of a mop or even by getting on your knees and hands to scrub, an electric floor mop can prove to be a highly beneficial and cost-effective alternative. It can help relieve you from the drudgery and also provide clean results at the same time. With the help of an electric floor mop, there is no need to use a mop or a bucket or wring the mop or empty the dirty water from the bucket. Your back also heaves a sigh of relief from the daily dose of severe aches.

Features to Look in an Electric Floor Mop

There are several types of electric floor mop in the market. However, all of them may not give you similar results when it comes to clean floors. In order to get the best for your daily use, you need to keep certain features in mind, which are generally found in some of the best quality electric mops. Some of these features are discussed below.

  • Performance: When it comes to the performance of an electric floor mop, it basically means the cleaning performance of the product. A good quality electric mop should be able to work on different types of floors easily. When you talk about different types of floors, it basically means textured floors or wooden floors or tiled floors.
  • Life: Not all types of electric mops will have the same durability or life expectancy. While searching for the best, look for a model that comes with a longer life span. Along with cost-effectiveness, do not forget to check the durability of the appliance. Normally, electric floor mops last for around 2 years.
  • Quality of the Fiber: Different types of fiber will be used on different types of electric floor mops. The quality of the fiber also plays a major role when it comes to the price of the machine. While checking for the best product in this category, do make it a point to check the quality of the fiber. It should either be microfiber or yacht type fiber to give you the best possible results.
  • Accessories: Just like you get various accessories with a vacuum cleaner, similarly, you will also get various types of accessories with an electric floor mop. However, the type of accessories you get will vary from one model to another. Check for the variety of accessories that you will get with a model before you buy it. It is important for you to note that the price of an electric floor mop depends a lot on the number of available accessories with the product. Thus, the greater varieties of accessories, the higher will be the price.
  • Rotation: When it comes to electric floor mops, these are of 2 different types. One comes with a rotation of 180 degrees and the other comes with a rotation of 360 degrees. You can choose the one that best suits your needs. Check for the rotation of a model before you buy it. This will help you get the desired results easily.

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