Wedding Planning: Try a Cruise

Wedding Cruise vs. Garden Wedding
Your wedding day will most likely be the biggest day of your life. As such, you wouldn’t want it to be second to none at any cost. Planning a wedding on a cruise or dreaming to have a wedding in garden, wherever you want it to be, do not forget to make sure that you consider all the pros and cons before finalizing the venue for your big day!

What Makes a Cruise Wedding Special?Ship wedding
A wedding on a cruise is great because of the spectacular decorations and excitement of being on a cruise. You may easily rely on the cruise staff to carry out magnificent wedding services while you merely have to concentrate on your own preparations for the day. One of the best parts of cruise weddings are that they can be organized according to your own taste and touch.

Moreover, if you plan a wedding on a cruise, you are very likely to get an immediate honeymoon on the cruise. What a perfect scenario it would be, to stand on the cruise with your husband, surrounded by thousands and thousands miles of sea.

What Makes a Cruise Wedding Non-Ideal?
Cruise wedding can get canceled at the last minute because of high tides or severe weather conditions. Moreover, guests that get in late can’t get in at all. Of course, no one wants to face such tragic scenarios. But, the truth is that these are some real factors to consider when planning a cruise wedding.

Also, there are different laws of every country in terms of beach and cruise weddings. You must go through the hassle of taking permission from the government before you finalize a cruise for your wedding venue.
Last minute uncertainties are most likely to occur when you are thinking of cruise weddings.

Is A Garden Wedding The Ideal Option?Garden Wedding
Garden weddings are quite attractive as they are naturally decorated. The presence of nature all around you makes the entire mood pleasant. Moreover, you won’t have to spend too much on getting flower decorations all around you. You also save a lot of money that you would have otherwise spent renting a place. Plus, if it is nice out, you can get yourself a casual wedding dress instead of going for an overly fancy one.

It also provides your guests a wide and open environment where they won’t feel congested or suffocated. Garden weddings allow you to get as innovative as you can, unlike other outdoor places.  With garden weddings, there is no doubt that you get to arrange an ideal yet inexpensive wedding.

Can Garden Weddings Get Annoying?
Yes, garden weddings can give you a tough time if the weather outside isn’t perfect. You need to make sure that there are enough drinks if it’s hot out, that rain isn’t forecasted, and that it isn’t too cold outside.  Remember to remind your guests to wear appropriate attire and footwear. But, by getting everything planned beforehand, you can easily plan a special garden wedding.

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