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Backdrops For Wedding And Anniversary

Every culture has its own way of celebrating important events and they have certain set of rules to observe. Most cultures have their dos and don’ts, what they must do or must not do so as not to offend their older family members or the gods they worship. All these are to be observed so that things will flow smoothly for them and their lives will be blessed according to their belief. Wedding and Anniversarys

In our modern age, many of the old and traditional ways have been phased out but there are some that are still being observed or followed and have passed down from the older generation to the present generation. I recalled once when I visited a friend’s home, I saw her parents’ wedding photos hanging on the wall of their living room. Most of the photos were taken in front of a piece of thick red “blessing or happiness” blanket. In the centre of the red blanket, there was a Chinese character printed in gold. The Chinese character means double blessings or double happiness. Those days, these thick red or pink blankets with the Chinese character acts as wedding photo backdrops set for pictures for the wedding couple and family members. Wedding Pergola

When it was my friend’s turn to get married, her parents no longer followed the tradition of using the red blanket backdrop. All her wedding photos were taken in the photo studio using different backdrops with beautiful images of parks and places.

Recently, we were invited to her parent’s wedding anniversary party and it was a grand celebration. The whole event was planned by an event organizer. The whole package includes video recording, photography and setting up of family backdrops for party photography in the hall and garden. Everyone including guests had fun having their photographs taken in front of these lovely backdrops. Wedding Backrdop-1

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