Are There Ways To Prevent Back Pain When Running?

Can Running Cause Back Pain?

If you think running is causing you back pains there may be a few things that are to blame.  Whether it be improper form or bad posture usually these issues can fixed with a little hard work. One of the best ways to eliminate back pain is by seeking out professional help from a Relax Zone massage therapist. Professionals in this industry can offer everything from sports related injury help to prenatal massage richmond hill at the same facility. The following are a few causes related to back pain due to running.

Are There Ways To Prevent Back Pain When Running?

Asymmetrical Pattern

The way in which you shift your weight from one foot to another while running can contribute to lower back pain. Asymmetrical running patterns are defined by a runner landing harder or with more for force on one foot more that the other. By doing this there runner is exhibiting flaws in the mechanics in which they use to run. If this problem remains untreated it can result in severe back pain and spasms on a frequent basis.

Weak Hips and Knee Collapse

One of the most typical problems with runners is the collapsing of the knees at an inward position while they are running. This condition is typically caused by weak glute muscles and can be helped by exercising the glutes on a regular basis. Your hips and legs are supposed to be in line with each other when running the correct way. But if the hips are weakened they will not be able to support your weight very well which will cause the knees to bow inward. If you neglect to fix this problem this can lead to severe knee and hip pain.

Over Striding

Over striding or swinging your arms over normal range when you run is one of the most common running issues that cause back pain. Over striding occurs when the steps you are taking are to big for your type of body. This abnormality can cause major knee and hip problems if not fixed. By over swinging your arms you will contribute to your spine being aligned in the right way.

If your back issues persist over a period of time you need to consult your physician immediately. In severe cases knee replacements and hip surgery may be possible if severe issues are not addressed in a timely manner. Wearing a knee brace and taking supplements or vitamins for bone health are also advised by many experts.

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