Worthwhile Washer Dryer Combinations

Washer Dryers: A Worthwhile Addition to Any Home

When time is of the essence and to juggle the endless demands of modern living is a struggle, household appliances, such as a washer dryer, can help to ease the burden and eliminate some of the stress. While for centuries homeowners have washed and dried their laundry separately, modern technology means that a convenient home appliance that completes both jobs is both affordable and practical, offering a range of advantages from which everyone is sure to benefit.
Washer Dryer Combo Maximum Convenience || A washer dryer offers maximum convenience whatever the time of day and removes the need to spend precious time carting baskets of wet laundry to dry in the yard. Instead, it is possible to start the washing cycle knowing that when it is completed the laundry will be dry, ready to unload and pack away. Garments that are air-dried outside or on a clothes horse also tend to need prolonged ironing; a combined appliance will always produce laundry that is soft and often free of creases, eliminating the need to spend valuable time ironing (and saving more money in the process).

Save on Space || With a separate washing machine and tumble dryer, a squeeze on space in the home is inevitable and it could lead to having to site the appliances away from each other, which is both inconvenient and impractical. A combined appliance gives the flexibility to position it in the optimum place and, being no larger than a standard washing machine, it will fit snugly under a worktop.

Energy Efficiency || With a growing awareness of the ecological fragility of the world, modern consumers are on the lookout for appliances which are kinder to the environment without impacting on their budget. Combined appliances tend to use both water and electricity efficiently, meaning that it is possible to wash and dry clothes without worrying about the consequences for the world.

My Soccer Kit Needs Washing!
Parents will be familiar with their kids reminding them at the last minute that a sports kit needs washing before the next day and, with a separate washing machine and tumble dryer, it can be challenging to have the garments ready on time. A combined appliance means that, in an emergency situation, it is not impossible to have the dirty clothes washed and dried overnight, ready to whip out the following morning for the big event.

The advantages of a combined appliance for washing and drying laundry will transform a tedious, time-consuming task into an everyday activity that is quick, easy and saves on time and money.

Image by B Rosen, used under the Creative Commons license.

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