Home Series: A Vacation Summer Home-Will Need To Prepare the Home for Winter

How to Prepare Your Summer Home for Winter

A Vacation Summer Home-Will Need To Prepare the Home for Winter

Even though summer has barely arrived in most of the world, it is never too early to start thinking about how long you are actually going to be spending at your summer home this year. After all, you will have to close it down eventually. There are several steps to take when getting ready to winterize your summer home, whether it is a mobile summer home, a recreational vehicle summer home, or if you have a permanent cottage on the lake that isn’t accessible during the harsh winter months. Having a plan to follow at the end of cottage season each year can help make the transition and shutdown even easier. Here are a few tips for getting ready to winterize your summer home.

Gather Your Belongings

Go through your summer home and gather up all the items that are going back to your year-round home. Things such as blankets and towels that need to be cleaned and stored properly over the winter so they don’t get mouldy and stinky. Don’t forget to bring home washcloths and dish towels from the kitchen either. Those types of fabrics get really smelly when left unattended for long periods of time. And what is longer than winter? Sometimes, it feels like nothing is longer than winter! Am I right?

Clean, Clean, Clean

After you have removed all of the items you want to return to your year-round home, give your summer home a good cleaning. Open up the windows and doors and let the fresh air blow through the place one last time before you close it up for the next several months. You will also want to take the time to sweep or vacuum the dust from any surfaces, and then do a pass with a decent steam mop. The steam mop guys offer the best steam cleaner reviews, so if you aren’t sure which kind of steam mop you need for your summer home, check them out. Finally, be sure to clean all the windows and glass surfaces with a cleaning agent that will help to repel dust. This helps to lessen the work you’ll have to do upon your return in the spring of next year.

Winterize Your Water Lines

If you can, it is best to pour an antifreeze agent that is designed for winterizing seasonal homes and recreational vehicles. These liquid is designed to prevent pipes from freezing and cracking, thus causing a real mess when you go to turn your water supply back on. If not properly winterize, recreational vehicles especially, are susceptible to irreversible damage, leaks and dismay.

When you have finished getting your summer home ready for winter, lock the door and wave goodbye until next year! A final tip would be to try to check on the summer home once or twice over the winter to make sure there haven’t been any issues inside or outside the home. If you can find and fix something earlier, rather than later, the better off you’ll be for next summer.  

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