What You Need To Know About Tubal Ligation

After my 4 children were born and because of economics my husband and I decided that our family was complete. At the time I was only 27 and I did not want to use birth control pills or other options so after discussing with my doctor I decided to have my tubes tied. First Stop the doctors office when considering a tubal reversal ligation

And at the time it was not discussed whether or not having my tubes tied could be reversed so I could get pregnant again. But now there is an option to have a tubal reversal procedure.

This is where they do a “tubal ligation reversal”. A surgeon will reopen, untie, or reconnect your fallopian tubes so you can have a baby again. And it is performed as an outpatient procedure under general anesthesia.What you need to know before having a tubal reversal procedure

So here are a few questions to consider when looking to reverse a tubal ligation:

However, there is a lot to consider before your chose to do the reversal:

Will you be able to get pregnant after?

What is the cost?

Does your insurance cover the procedure?

Would you have to travel to location to have this procedure performed?

Then what is the chance of pregnancy after you have the reversal?

What is your age?

Will it be a specialist that performs the procedure or would you chose a clinic that specializes in reversing tubal ligation?

There are a lot of factors to consider but if you want to have another baby it might well be worth looking into the procedure to get the answers you would need in order to make this decision. First stop the doctors office for a consultation.

You can also find more information on www.tuboplasty.com And there are many online communities that you can visit for further research.

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