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What Vehicles are Suitable for Family Vacations?

With such a wide range of rental cars available to travelling families, selecting the right vehicle for your next exciting family road trip should be a breeze. Having said that, are you certain that you know what to look for in a rental vehicle from a top car hire agency? You’ll find that you have many options and you’ll want to ensure that the vehicle you select is perfect for you and your family.

Suitability – What Does Your Family Need?

That’s the big question – what does your family require in a rental car? The right number of seats is the first thing that you’ll need to look for when evaluating your options on top rental websites like, but you’ll also need to consider:

  • Additional space Naturally, everyone needs a seat of their own, but would it be a wise move to have some extra space so that everyone has ample room around them in addition to ample space to store luggage and other items? Additional space makes a big difference to the comfort travellers enjoy.
  • Car type – There are many options to select from, so you’ll need to determine the type of car that’s best for you to hire. Mini van hire is an option that you might like to consider if you’re travelling as a family or if you’re camping, as are the SUVs that are very popular. However, if you’re after something smaller, do you want a hatchback or a sedan?

First and foremost, you need to select a car based on your family’s requirements, so give some thought to what you’re used to getting about in at home and if there’s anything that you’ll need to make allowances for on your trip, like the luggage and equipment you’re taking with you.

The Top Choices for Travelling Families

While you may find the following vehicle varieties unsuitable for your family’s needs, they are the top car hire choices for travelling families because they offer plenty of space, thus providing ample room for all members of the family as well as all their luggage and belongings.

  • SUVs – A top choice for families as they offer more space than smaller vehicles, SUVs have plenty to offer. In addition to plenty of interior space and lots of storage options, they can traverse terrains other vehicles can’t. 
  • Minivans – One of the best options for large families, minivans provide ample space, making them ideal for long road trips and camping holidays.
  • Sedans – A large sedan with lots of room in the boot is still a popular choice among travelling families. If you’re not comfortable behind the wheel of a minivan, a sedan is likely to be the most suitable vehicle for you.

In conclusion, the top choices for travelling families are large vehicles – SUVs, sedans and minivans. However, as every family is different, you need to consider numerous factors, including the number of passengers, the amount of luggage and equipment and many more, to decide which vehicle is the most suitable for you and your family on your next road trip holiday.

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