Travel Series: Hello, Malaysia! Here I come!

Hello, Malaysia! Here I come!


I love traveling and most of the time, I travel around the endless states and cities in United States.  There are so many places which are still unexplored though I have been living in US ever since I was born.  I would love to venture out of the country one day, yes, one fine day.  All these while I have always been fascinated with tropical countries and I have always dream of visiting one. One country I have in mind is Malaysia. Whatever I have heard about Malaysia were from friends who have been to Malaysia and they shared with me their exciting experiences, like for example Malaysian diverse cultures and lifestyles. They also shared about their experiences with the different types of exotic food they have tasted. They have shown me photos they have taken of their holidays in the different parts of Malaysia.  And the rest of whatever information I have gathered about Malaysia is from what I’ve read online.

It was about a few months back when I was kind of feeling bored and I didn’t know what made me click on an advertisement that popped out at the side of my computer screen. From there it led me to some E-Brochures about Visit Malaysia 2017. My interest in Malaysia was rekindled and I was thinking that it would be good to pay a visit to Malaysia sometime end of this year. This is the best time to plan a holiday to Malaysia especially taking advantage of the good currency conversion. 

A friend who had just returned from a holiday in Southeast Asia highly recommended Traveloka Malaysia to me. I went online and found that it is one of the leading flight and hotel booking sites in Southeast Asia. This is a site where one can perform both flight and hotel booking alongside one another. When I plan my holidays whether local or overseas, I want to make sure that all my travel plans and bookings are in order to avoid unnecessary inconveniences or problems. I found Traveloka site user friendly with easy navigation for easy and detailed flight and hotel bookings. This is what traveller looks for – simple, easy and detailed booking options to suit our needs. Plus, traveller can sign up as a member to enjoy great savings. Malaysia Agriculture

Currently, I have in mind a week or longer holiday in Kuala Trengganu, located in the east coast of Malaysia. I love the beaches and from the E-brochures, Kuala Trengganu is known for beautiful beaches. One of the most popular islands to visit is Pulau Redang. “Pulau” is the local word for island. Besides the lovely beaches and crystal water, there are so water sports to enjoy e.g. snorkeling, diving and jungle trekking.  

When I am there, I would want to taste their local food. I am very interested in their traditional local sports. One is the traditional kite or “wau” flying. The kites come in many forms and shapes of animals and sizes.  Another sport is the giant top spinning. The giant top can be as big as a dinner plate and experts can spin the tops for as long as 2 hours. This I have to see with my own eyes to believe!

According to my holiday plans, I will need to book my flight to the capital city, Kuala Lumpur. It will be great to spend a few days to visit some of the tourist attractions in the city. I would like to visit the famous Batu Caves and other sites mentioned in the brochures. So far, my friends have recommended the hotels they have stayed in and have given good reviews about the hotels. For the time being, booking my stay Ascott Hotel Kuala Lumpur seems to be the likely hotel I might consider when the time comes for me to confirm my booking.  I still need some time to plan my holidays schedule and once confirmed, I will finalize my flight and hotel bookings. Then my dream of visiting Malaysia will come true!

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