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Getting excited about your upcoming trip with the gals? Sure you are! There’s rarely anything as thrilling as going on a vacation with your favorite people in the world, and experiencing all kinds of adventures first hand. Let’s not mention the fact that you deserve a break from the glass-office walls and all those crazy working hours!Flats and a Hoodie For TravelLike a true modern woman, you’ll probably bring all kinds of electronic equipment and accessories with you, right? After all, someone needs to document all the blissful moments of your trip and you are the one who’s in charge of this lovely task. We are guessing you are already getting overwhelmed thinking what all to bring for the full experience? Fear not – we are giving you a selection you’ll definitely want to take into consideration and possibly bring along.

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The Clear Card
We all hate queuing, especially when we are rushing to catch that plane! Skipping the security line may definitely help you catch your plane in time, so make sure you get a Clear Card prior to going on your holiday. Around 20 airports around the United States support the Card, and a small act of flashing one to security allows you to cruise past most of the queued up passengers.

Two must-have technologies to connect to work while travelling Hosted Cloud Desktop and SharePoint Hosting Service

Backpacks With Charging Capabilities:
Portable Charging TYLT BackpackThere are backpacks that are available now that offer a charged battery for charging phones, cameras, computers, or other types of battery operated gadgets that you will carry with you while traveling. Everyone needs portable power chargers and TYLT charging backpack‘ s for other items you that will using to make travel easier.






The Video Camera
Would you even consider going anywhere without bringing a good video camera to record all of your wonderful adventures? Of course you wouldn’t. And while you may have not used it as much so far, this is the perfect time to pack it in your hand luggage and have it on hand at any given moment (you never know when an opportunity for the perfect snap may present itself!).

The Video Camera For Travel
The Hanging Cosmetic Bag
No matter where she’s going, a girl needs to have her beauty kit close! You know what they say – keep your accessories close, but your cosmetic bag even closer.
The Hanging Cosmetic Bag For Travel
While on the road, a hanging cosmetic bag will be making your life easier on so many levels; you would normally spend a significant amount of time packing and unpacking your beauty kit, but this one has separate compartments for makeup, shampoo, perfume, face cleanser, etc. Great choice is L’Occitane cute designed floral bag with a collection of bath and body products. These bags are made from lightweight-yet-durable fabrics and have easy-access U-shaped pockets.

The Waterproof Phone Case
Yaaaaaas! Finally! No ocean/river trip will ever again be a pain in the neck and a potential scare of dropping our precious phones. Why? Because now (even if we drop them) we’ve got the invention of the century – a waterproof phone case – to protect them. If you don’t already have one, we highly recommend you get it asap. It’s under $10! Plus, it totally allows you to take underwater photos, so that’s exciting, right? If you are still doubtful – it has over 2,000 five-star reviews on Amazon to prove its quality.

Flats and a Hoodie
If you are planning on having the best time of your life, you’ll have to walk around a bit and explore the beautiful area you are vacationing at. And while pumps and all the strappy gorgeous sandals are fantastic for a night out, you want to have something comfortable on when walking for miles. Make sure you pack up a pair of your most comfortable flats and a change of clothes consisting of a hoodie and a pair of comfy sweats. You can still look super chic, no worries. You are bringing your makeup kit, after all.

Flats and a Hoodie For Travel
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