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When families or individuals plan their hollyday trips, they usually have in mind Europeor Asia, because of their rich culture. Many will opt to go to popular summer destinations, to get some tan and relax. Most of the tourists don’t realize they could get much better travel experience by visiting Toronto, Canada. Rich history and cultural diversity will take you by storm, and before you know it, you won’t be able to hold your smile while saying merci to all the pleasant inhabitants of this beautiful city.

The territory of Toronto was originally occupied by Iroquois and Huron. With the increase of trade in the North American continent, many French outposts started popping up. In 1793, the first actual settlement was made by English traders. Later, in 1834, the settlement got its current name.

Toronto is the biggest Canadian city and represents greatest financial and industrial center of the region. Even with its big industrial complexes, it is not polluted (as many would expect it to be). Furthermore, one of the things that will catch your eye is the enormousnumber of parks and green areas. It is only natural that it would be voted among best places to live in the world. Whether you visit this city, or you are one of its lucky inhabitants, time spent there will be a great experience and pleasure.

When it comes to city transportation, it can get rather hectic. Toronto has one of the most used transportation networks in North America. It consists of buses, street cars and subway lines; which are pretty regular and reliable. Our recommendation though, is to use every possible moment in the city for walking and getting to know it on foot. You never know what kind of hidden pleasure awaits you behind the next corner.

A masterpiece city would be empty without its masterpieces of art. The Art Gallery of Ontario is the greatest Canadian museum and one of the biggest in the world. It is filled with work from different eras, Baroque, Renaissance, Contemporary art. Logically, it represents the biggest collection of Canadian art. You can see paintings by Monet, Picasso, Van Gogh or Henry Moor’s sculptures. Royal Ontario Museum is next on your to-do list. It holds numerous pieces of art, historical items, dinosaur skeletons, minerals, meteorites. For those that prefer science to art, you can visit the Ontario Science Center and get swept of your feet with all the

As mentioned previously, Toronto has long industrial history. There is an interesting story regarding its progress. In order to make all the workers happy, and for them to have a place to relax after a hard-working day, many drinkeries started appearing near industrial zone. They quickly became one of the most popular destinations within the city. Nowadays,they are still a popular tourist destination. One of the drinkeries (today a cocktail bar) with the longest history is D. W. Alexander. It is one of the most popular lounges in Toronto and a good to start your night out.

Making our way out of the city, having CN tower in our rear-view, we only feel sorry that we didn’t have more time to spend in this charming place. Don’t make our mistake and make sure to take the time will enjoying the excellent atmosphere that Toronto provides.

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