Top 6 Tips You Should Remember Before Buying Your Wedding Band

Top 6 Tips You Should Remember Before Buying Your Wedding Band

There are many factors one should consider before buying a wedding band. But these factors often lead to confusion as you get various suggestions from your relatives and friends. Here are 6 important tips that might get you the best wedding ring that you are entitled to.

1)    The size of your band

Is your band too uncomfortably big for your hand? Well, you are not the first person who might have encountered such problem.  On the contrary, if your ring is too small in proportion to your fingers, then it will be hardly noticeable. So, it’s better to try a few and make sure that your band doesn’t look out of proportion and also provide you comfort.

2)    How well does it fit?

You have to make sure that your band fits your finger properly. It is one of the very basic suggestions that many people ignore. If your ring is too tight for you, then it will get stuck and slow down the blood supply to your finger. Although, if your band is too loose then it might fall from your finger and the gemstone could get easily damaged.  To know more about this click here.

3)    Can you resize your band?

There is no guarantee that your finger will always remain the same. Thus, even if right now the ring might fit perfectly to your finger, it will be wise to know if the ring could be resized. Sometimes even a slight change to your finger could cause the ring to become loose or tight. Generally, the bands which have channel settings are harder to change than others. Make sure to ask all the necessary queries before you buy anything.

4)    Is your band too wide or too narrow?

Any ring covers a certain portion of a finger. Now, if that portion is too wide then you will not able to bend your finger. If the portion is too narrow then there is a good chance that the ring might bend or worse.

5)    The settings of your ring

Make sure that you know which type of settings you are buying and know all the advantage and disadvantages about those settings. For example, Invisible settings might look very beautiful to you, but you have to keep in mind that in these settings the gemstones are not as securely held as prong settings do. In case of channel settings, they are hard to repair.

6)    The number of prongs

If you are interested in buying a ring with prong settings, it is better that you decide the number of prongs you will have. Generally, most rings offer 4 to 6 prongs. The main advantage of having more number of prongs is that they provide good security as well as limit the amount of metal presence. But the more prongs you have, the more you need to take care of it; because a defect in a prong might lead to the loss of stone.


If you follow the above tips, you would be able to get the perfect wedding band. But there are also few factors that you need to keep in mind. Before buying anything, ask for the gemstone’s certification and verify its quality. Also, check out if there is any warranty and return policy available.


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