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Cleaning Hacks From The Past Our Grandmothers
have used that still work today in our homes
Cleaning Hacks From The Past Our Grandmothers have used that still work today in our homes

Both your mother and grandmother have probably passed down some great cleaning advice to you. However, we think that both of them would faint from cheerfulness if they had the three cleaning hacks we have for you today. While some of these – especially the first one – will get you the side-eye from other members of your household, don’t worry, they are more than worth it.

Cleaning the Air Vents with a Rag and Knife
The levels of dirt and grime in your air vents are probably off the charts, and while you may not notice them, your guests certainly will. So the question is – how can you clean all of those vents in your house without taking every grill off, one at a time? With a little help from a rag and a butter knife, of course.

This tip will work with basically any vent in your house. You just need to wrap the rag around the butter knife, take a cleaning solution of your own choosing and spray it over the vent. Then, insert the knife between the slats, clean the vent side to side and voila – you have a clean air went.

Salt and Baking Soda for Stained Furniture
Seeing how we spend 33% of our lives in our beds, we need to keep them clean at all times. In addition to vacuuming, you need to make sure that your bed and furniture remain stain-free. You just need to take a tablespoon of salt and baking soda, mix it in hot water and you’ll have a free stain-removing solution for your furniture.

Although, if you’re not able to clean your furniture using our formula, it would be wise to hire a cleaning company like Helping in London to take the stains out. Hopefully, the stains on your furniture aren’t that strong, but it’s always smart to have the worst-case-scenario in mind, just in case.

Scrub Your Carpets with Natural DIY Cleaners
You probably spill something on your carpet every few days – all of us do. Some people are forced to run to the store for expensive cleaning solutions on a regular occasion. But what if we told that you can keep your carpet completely clean for just a few pennies?

This cleaner requires one tablespoon of a) vinegar b) dishwashing liquid and c) baking soda. You just need to mix the ingredients in a spray bottle filled with warm water and you have your carpet-cleaning solution all ready. After vacuuming the spilled are, apply the substance and then clean it with a sponge.

Final Thoughts You can easily scrub your whole house with these DIY cleaning house. Your home will definitely look and even smell fresh after you’re done. Luckily these hacks don’t require too many ingredients and don’t take too much effort, so at the end of the day, you won’t even feel exhausted. Be more efficient with these clever ideas and get your home clean today.

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