Tips On Moving With Your Pets

The Know-How For Finding The Perfect Pet-Friendly Home

People all over the world are looking to Airbnb for housing problems. Sometimes we find ourselves in a position that requires us to move for a period of time. Maybe you have to work for an extended period of time in another city, but you own a home or you are tied into a lease. Maybe you need to study abroad or accept an internship in order to get a job you have always dreamed of.

Many times our careers take us to another country. Even if we are going to live there for an extended period of time, we do not want to sell the home we love in our home country. There are times when an elderly parent passes away and we fully intend to keep that property in our family. It just does not fit into our current situation. So we look to Airbnb to help us find the right tenants to live in our home the time comes in our lives where we can assume control ourselves. As you can imagine, this is an important step and not one we would trust to just anyone. We want a pro and we want the best.

Whatever the reason, you may need to vacate your property and you need a place to live for the amount of time you will be away. Few of us can afford two rental payments or mortgages, so the answer is to sublet.

When your property is listed for an Airbnb Sublet, you have a professional in your corner making everything come together. Airbnb gathers all the information that you need and all the information that the person looking to lease needs. Airbnb brings the two of you together.

Knowing If You Can Bring Your Pet

Knowing if you can bring a pet

Airbnb provides you with all the details of the home, townhouse, or apartment. There is a tab marked “amenities” In that section, you will see “pets allowed” if that field is marked, then pets are allowed. There is also a field that reads “pet owner” this means the owner of the home has a pet of their own. This is important if you have severe allergies. A home where there are already pet’s means there is probably already a place where your dog can run freely and be comfortable.

There will be a pet fee and a one-time cleaning fee if you have a pet. Service animals are always allowed, even if the home is a no-pet home. Service animals are not pets and they are required to assist disabled people, which covers them by law. However, if having your service animal causes a health threat to the owners of the home, you will not be allowed to live there with your animal. For example, if your service animal is a dog and the homeowner is severely allergic to dogs, they could have a serious health issue when they return to their home.

Proper care of the animal

You are required to care for your animal in a way that he or she does not disturb or harm your neighbors. You must obey all laws concerning leashing the animal, keeping the animal off of other people’s property, and cleaning up after the dog. Proper Animal Care

Choose a pet-friendly neighborhood

Listings of homes and apartments change rapidly on Airbnb. You are encouraged to check them often. Do some research and determine the area in which you would like to live. If the neighborhood has a lot of young families, dog parks, and lots of walking trails; it probably has many families with pets.  

Living near other animal lovers means they will understand that dogs will be dogs. They are not apt to call the police or the complaint line at Airbnb and complain because your dog had a barking spell when he was adjusting to his new home.

If you move into an area where there are a lot of senior citizens who go to bed at the time you are usually having dinner, a minor barking spell, may send them over the edge. Moving Into a Senior Citizens Live

Communication and honesty are key in making this pet situation work. Be honest about the size and behavior of the animal and assure your neighbor that you have everything under control and everything will work out. You will fit in beautifully and so will you fur-baby.

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