Working Women

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Health Issues that Women Face on “Men’s Jobs”  The American workforce has changed in the last half century. While men still outnumber women in the workforce, the percentage of working women has increased from 34 percent in the 1950s to 60 percent today. At the same time, the percentage of working men has reduced from 84 percent in the 50s […]

There Are Big Challenges For Women Working In “Men’s Jobs”

8-Legit Ways Moms Can Make Money from Home 1 comment
8 Legit Ways Moms Can Make Money from Home You can become a work-at-home mom instead of a stay-at-home mom by turning your passions into profits. It can be hard to balance all of the household demands in addition to earning extra money, but as a strong, powerful woman it is possible.  #1: Write Romance Novels One money-making avenue you […]

8 Credible Ways To Make Money From Home

Grooming, and good grooming for that matter has an impact on career growth and by extension, the salaries people earn from their work engagements. Failure to adhere to the best grooming practices is one of the major causes of career stagnation and even termination since employees are a reflection of the organizations they work for and top management would not […]

Does The Way A Women Dress Have an Impact on ...