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Energy Saving Effectiveness of Cellular Shades
Window coverings can reduce loss of energy through the windows, they can also lower heating and cooling bills for you and improve the comfort of your home. Approximately 30percent of a home’s heating energy is lost via windows. During the cooling seasons, about 70 percent of sunlight which falls on standard double-pane windows enters to be converted into heat. A […]

CellularShades = Energy Efficiency

3 -Important Tips to Consider When Buying Drapes and Curtains
Important Things to Consider When Buying Drapes and Curtains The most beautiful home can easily be spoiled by one small but flawed design element. The wrong color of paint or a too-bright lighting fixture, for example, can ruin the mood of a supposedly cozy living area. Another possible hit-or-miss are the window treatments. The most glorious ceiling-to-floor windows can be […]

3 Important Tips to Consider When Buying Drapes and Curtains

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