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2014 Biannual Blogathon Bash This is an event not only offers a chance to work on some duties associate with my blog but also to meet other like minded bloggers. Mini Challenge List The blogathon is an online event designed to give bloggers a chance to work on all their blogging to-dos and learn more about different aspects of blogging […]

Biannual Blogathon Bash

Welcome to Oh My Heartsie Girl’s Wordless Wednesday, I hope you enjoy visiting the blogs I link to each week, they are listed below. For my Wordless Wednesday, I’m always looking for interesting blogs with amazing ideas and great info to feature. My only rule for Mondays Reflection is that you “PUSH BUTTONS”  You Push Mine I’ll Push Yours!!! Here you go, all […]

What I Made Yesterday Wordless Wednesday

Oh My Heartsie GIrls Weekly Linky Party For All Blogs To Share Their Latest Posts 2 comments
International Bloggers Association is just one week old and catching on fire. I was invited to be an Influencer, which means; The Influencer Award is given exclusively to bloggers who are proactive and polite on social networks. Award recipients are known for doing the following: Consistently following link-up rules Sharing other bloggers’ content Mentioning others by tagging them in appropriate […]

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