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3 Secrets to Designing Excellent Social Media Ads (2)
Facebook has introduced some new strategies for the online marketers to use this platform for promotional purposes in a better way. Now, you can target your audience more precisely on this platform, and the worldwide spent on social network ads had increased several billion dollars over the last couple of years. Facebook, alongside many other social networking platforms following the […]

3 Secrets to Designing Excellent Facebook and other Social Media ...

Seven-Tasks-Of-a-Day-In-Blogging 22 comments
Daily Activities for Oh My Heartsie Girl or Random Tasks Updated 3/24/2020 Well, I was prompted to write how I get so much done in a day with blogging and thought would share what happens in my day. It works best if you have a list or a planner and this does not have to be a fancy list, however, […]

Seven Tasks Of a Day In Blogging

Are You Thinking About Starting Your Own Blog? I will cover a few ideas on what to expect when contemplating building your first blog or if you have been blogging for a short while and find you need more information. Common Newbie Internet Marketing Mistakes As a newbie internet marketer, you are bound to make a few mistakes when you’re first starting out, […]

Newbie Bloggers Learning Curves