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 Welcome to The Ultimate Party on G+! I wanted to highlight one of our entries from last week as she talks about “blogging for compassion”, there are a group of bloggers that are writing stories about compassion, but to fully understand visit Chronicles of A Lumpy Person to read the whole story! Why do we do a G+ party at […]

It’s The Ultimate G+ Party

I researched online for different ways and plugins that were offered for adding a recipe to my blog and decided on Ziplist. It is fairly new, the plugin for WordPress has been available since June. I just started using Ziplist to offer my recipes on my blog, it is really easy to use, lets you add nutritional values, servings per […]

What Do You Know About Ziplist Recipe Plugin

Source Right Question Dot Org Many questions arise when a blog goes offline or when it cant be found, links are broken, and you can’t find a post. I have been having this experience lately and was just informed by my Webmaster that his server has been overloading. So I wanted to let you know that my blog will be […]

Offline-Online Server Update Tonight

Oh My Heartsie GIrls Weekly Linky Party For All Blogs To Share Their Latest Posts 1 comment
What you need to know about using Google+ How is Google+ different than other social networks? ⇒Microblogging Format ⇒Gaining new followers ⇒Do Follow Links [ Correction to this statement see below] ⇒Network with strategic circles (Niche) ⇒Private or Public Communities 1. Google+ is a microblogging format, where you can write a post on Google+ as if you would on your blog with a […]

5 Reasons To Use Google+

If you love Pinterest, like I do, then you will find many reasons why it can be used to market brands, share content, make a recipe go viral. Use it and often, encourage your viewers to repin your photos and be sure to add the “Pin It button” in each post. It is one of the fastest growing social media […]

Increase Traffic With Pinterest

Blogging provides you with a unique tool to communicate. And while creating an online identity and blogging as that person or company image can be great fun, it can also be profitable. (And making money is certainly fun!) Sign Up For The Free 4-Week Online Blogging Class! Heads Up: This offer ends August 31st! If you signup for the classes […]

How To Make Real Money on Your Blog

Welcome to the YesterYear Soap Giveaway! Hosted by: YesterYear Soap I want to send out special thank you to all my awesome blogger friends that are helping to promote this giveaway!  Please check out my YesterYear Soap review HERE! I am happy to help promote the YesterYear Soap Giveaway, Wishing You Good Luck! This giveaway will run from June 1, 2013 until […]

YesterYear Soap Giveaway!

Hello everyone hope your going to do something fun for this weekend. For me it is a time to do research on ways to better my blogging skills, a challenge we all face and can relate to. Just so you know, this information has nothing to do with selling you anything, nor affiliate programs, just my perspective I would like to share …………….please keep […]

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