New York City

I love architecture of buildings inside and out. This gives me the chance to share what New York offers much to its visitors, not least when it comes to the arts. From galleries to the theater, visitors to the Big Apple won’t be disappointed by the impressive number of museums and venues to enjoy. Museum of Arts and Design Open […]

Discovering The Arts In New York

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Want to make a splash entrance? Was launch of resource Natural Spring Water in New York City on June 5. Cameras caught the electrifying acrobatics and you can take a sneak peak into the festivities here: In the dance number, a woman’s routine yoga workout  in a crowded city park is transformed into a liberating, magical dance number in luxurious […]

Natural Spring Water in New York City

I came up with this the other day when I was looking around my garage and saw things I have been keeping, then my office and my closet, it occurred to me that we always say to ourselves “I Might Need That”. Thus writing this post: So this is what I thought, copy the words ( I might need ) and in […]

5 Questions Why You Might Say "I Might Need That"