Mid-Century Decor

Mid-century Irene Velvet Sette
Everyone is jumping on the Mid-century modern bandwagon. As an interior designer I find that incorporating furniture that was designed in the 50s can be quite the challenge especially considering the ultra-modern approach that most homeowners use nowadays. However, there are a couple of tips that you can use that would make it easier for you to bring in mid-century […]

5 Tips To Incorporate Mid-Century Furniture Into Your Home

Make These Small Changes for a Mid-Century Retro LookThe Mid-Century Modern look defined the decades after World War II through the late 1960s, or early ‘70s, according to some. The simple, minimalistic look of the time brought “casual living” in as the central focus of the era’s style. No longer did ornate furniture and intrinsically designed fixtures decorate the home, […]

6 Decorating Ideas For The Mid-Century Look