Diet (nutrition)

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As a rule, people opt for a diet to become slimmer. Other reasons include versatile health issues particularly gastrointestinal problems. However, if we speak about diet in combination with a meal replacement, it is understood that the body composition is a major aim. Dieting with Nutritional Drinks    Various supplements also known as nutritional drinks offer a set of useful […]

The Best Meal Replacement Diet

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Exercise. Depending on who you are, that word can invoke various thoughts and feelings in your mind and emotions.  If you dreaded gym class, you might have feelings of anxiety.  If you were a high school athlete, you may or may not feel nostalgia at the thought.   Whatever your feelings, exercise is something that we all need in one form […]

Experienced Former Fitness Instructor Shares “Fitness Tips”

I received the Taylor SmartScale to a review just before my husband had a quad bypass and because he has trouble loosing weight with complications of diabetes and other related problems this is helping him to see at a glance what it is he is doing to monitor his weight You see the SmartScale takes the guess work out of […]

Talyor Bluetooth Body SmartSmart Scale