Debt Management

How Do You Furnish Your Home Without Drowning Into Debt
When you move from a small apartment to a spacious home with four bedrooms, a living room, a garden, a dining room, and kitchen, you need more furniture. Furnishing a 2,500 square foot home is not easy. First, because you need to buy couches, chairs, tables, beds, garden furniture, and many more. Yes, you need the money to buy these […]

How Do You Furnish Your Home without Drowning into Debt

learn how to manage the funds we already have
No matter how much money we have, there is always that little extra we need for paying down a debt installment or for buying a new car or financing tuition fee for our children. But, in order for us to be able to cover all the extra expenses that might arise on an everyday basis, we don’t always need a […]

Live A Limitless Life on a Limited Budget

5 Tips Shopping Wisely To Prevent Further Debt Accumulation
Shop Wisely When Already In Debt To Prevent From Further Accumulation  At times it is felt that shopping is not a necessity anymore. It can be a social activity, a depiction of wealth, satisfaction of personal desire, a hobby, an escape and also an addiction to some people. Whatever the case may be, you might end up stranded in debt […]

5 Tips Shopping Wisely To Prevent Further Debt Accumulation