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What Does (and Doesn’t) Determine Cancer Outcomes 
What Does (and Doesn’t) Determine Cancer Outcomes  Never believe people who tell you they have a magical cure for cancer. They’re trying to sell you something, and considering how scary and dangerous hearing the word “cancer” is for most people, the price is probably going to be pretty steep. There’s no tea that’s going to magically shrink a tumor, and […]

What Does (and Doesn’t) Determine Cancer Outcomes 

5 Benefits of CBD oil That No One Knows About
Many of the benefits offered by CBD oil are well-known and some of these benefits are confirmed by studies. Other effects are considered subjective and without reasonable proof beyond personal use. Considering that many of the benefits have not been fully investigated yet, there are benefits yet to be discovered. But, we do know about CBD and other cannabinoids and […]

5 Benefits of CBD Oil That No One Knows About

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Regular Cancer Screening Might Well Save Your Life Image credit: Of all of the new and emerging methods aimed at reducing the number of deaths from cancers such as malignant mesothelioma, one continues to stand head-and-shoulders above the rest in its effectiveness: early detection. Almost without exception, cancer that is found early (ideally, before symptoms even develop) is more […]

Regular Cancer Screening Might Well Save Your Life

Brachytherapy 1 comment
Used to treat cancer, Brachytherapy is a radiation therapy that involves the placement of radioactive material into your body. Also known as internal radiation, Brachytherapy is better than conventional radiation therapy at allowing doctors or other medical practitioners to deliver increased radiation doses to more-specific body areas. Also, compared to external beam radiation, Brachytherapy causes fewer side effects and takes […]

Health Series: Understanding Brachytherapy • A New Treatment In Cancer