Well another week passes and boy have I been busy. During the last week I participated in a Blogathon, accomplished many tasks needed to do, you could read more here,  then about 2 weeks ago I joined a new association called International Bloggers Association, and now I am VP of Member Support, keeping up with following and sharing all posts for new […]

Weekends Are Fun Blog Hop

Blogathon Mini Challenge Basic Blog Layout If you are a perspective blogger and you wonder where to start building a blog, it is best to choose a fairly easy layout so you are not overwhelmed. What goes in Tabs/Pages across your blog Include About Me Page Contact Me Page Media Page What goes into a sidebar In the sidebar you should […]

Blogathon Mini Challenge Basic Blog Layout

2014 Biannual Blogathon Bash This is an event not only offers a chance to work on some duties associate with my blog but also to meet other like minded bloggers. Mini Challenge List The blogathon is an online event designed to give bloggers a chance to work on all their blogging to-dos and learn more about different aspects of blogging […]

Biannual Blogathon Bash