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Why Splurging on Puppy Merch Isn’t a Waste Why Splurging on Puppy Merch Isn’t a Waste

As a dog owner, you pride yourself on providing your pooch with a comfortable lifestyle, even if it sometimes seems like he doesn’t always appreciate it. When that depressing Sarah McLachlan commercial comes on, showing dogs trapped in cages with matted fur and sorrowful eyes, you point out to your pup how lucky and loved he is. “Look how much worse it could be?!” you exclaim. Your dog looks up at you, yawns, and goes back down for a nap.

You know that he’s thankful for the things you do and buy for him: he shows it when he runs to greet you at the door and comes at your command.

Not everyone understands what the love of a dog means, and they’re quick to air their judgement. “Sure would like some grandkids before I die,” says dad. How cannot he not see his fur grandbaby sitting right in front of him? Dogs and Toys

According to the Washington Post, more people are choosing to have a dog over children, with three-fourths of Americans in their 30s owning a dog.

Being a fur parent, you’re going to spoil your dog, especially when everything they do is so cute. Here are four items to splurge on that will benefit your dog and are well worth the money.

All-Natural Dog Treats

If your dog has allergies and you are trying to move him away from processed dog foods and treats, homemade natural dog treats will lessen his preservative and filler intake and still pack all the deliciousness he’s come to love. You could of course make homemade dog treats yourself, but as a working pet parent, you probably don’t have the time. Fortunately, you can buy American-made dog treats online and have them delivered to your door in just a couple of days!

Dog Bowl Water Bottle

As an active family, you and your pup go out for long jogs during the week and strenuous hikes on the weekends. Knowing that your dog’s hydration is just as important as your own during these activities, you have gone in search of a travel water bowl but haven’t found one that works to your satisfaction. Not anymore. The dog bowl water bottle stores your pup’s H2O and with a simple squeeze of the bottle fills the bowl for your dog’s water-lapping pleasure. Easily carried on your person, you and your pup won’t have to worry about running low on water ever again.

Walking Harness

On your evening walks together your dog consistently pulls out ahead of you and chokes himself in the process. The leash-collar combo doesn’t work, and what’s worse, you could accidentally hurt your dog’s neck by pulling on his collar too hard to correct his walking behavior.

Outfitting your dog in a mesh harness will make it easier for you to train him to walk in step with you and from hurting himself. Though often more expensive than the typical collar, it’s way cheaper than taking your dog to the vet for a neck injury!

Comfort Wagon

As your best good buddy gets older, it will get tougher for him to keep up on walks. And if your dog has suffered an injury, it could be some time before he’s able to hit the pavement running again with you by his side.

A comfort wagon, similar to a baby stroller (don’t make any rash judgments!) holds your pup and allows you to take him out of the house on a walk to enjoy the fresh air—all from a seated position!

Your dog has brought you years of happiness. Treat him to things he deserves to live his best life.

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