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Outdoor Lighting: The Options Available for Your Home

Security Lighting For Your HomeOutdoor lighting is not only an easy way but a cost-effective means of adding security and beauty in your home. These weather-resistant light fixtures allow you to enjoy the patio late in the evening, light up a dark area as well as highlight your landscape features. Outdoor  LBL lighting from Lumens is available in a variety of styles that complement your home’s décor. Knowing the exterior light styles that work together for every site will help you choose the best light for your deck, garden or yard.

Security and Safety Lighting

Security and floodlights give out high-density, broad-beamed lights that flood large areas of the outdoor with light. These features are most critical in preventive measure as a means to reduce criminal activity and enhance safety. You can add motion sensors that will cause the floodlights to illuminate once movement is perceived.

Floodlights are best installed at least nine feet from the ground allowing them to cast a wide beam of light across your property. The height helps reduce blinding glare and deep shadows while at the same time ensuring that the light does not creep into your neighbor’s window. You can get this security lightning for your condo unit at Precondo as well.

Outdoor Lighting: The Options Available for Your Home

Lighting up Your Landscape

Deck lighting is easy to install and helps you illuminate railings, benches and stairs for safer night-time use. Other options like flush mounted lights are designed for walking on without damage.

Walkway lights are usually mounted on posts or stakes and are perfect for illuminating steps and paths. Some of the walkway lights styles available include the pagoda, mushroom and hat. Each style is designed to enhance your home’s exterior while making entry safer. Always stagger the lights on either side to avoid an airport runway effect.

Spot and well lights are installed around trees, shrubs and flowers to highlight their beauty and enhance you’re landscaping. Make sure that you install weather-sealed lights for long-lasting beauty.

Decorative and Accent Lighting Options

Ceiling and wall lights to the outside of your home help accentuate your building’s architectural features, illuminate the porch or door and make your guests feel welcome. Several styles are available that will complement your home’s design and create the atmosphere you are going for in your back and front yards. Having a light shine from above is also a wonderful way of showcasing and lighting up exterior seating and dining areas.

Post lighting, on the other hand, helps create the perfect atmosphere for the perfect garden party or that romantic evening around the pool or patio. With post exterior lighting, you can also decorate your driveway and make your guests feel welcome.


Outdoor Lighting Considerations

Cohesiveness: Your outdoor lighting design should make visual sense to a viewer. This means illuminating the property in a way that your guests recognize key architectural and landscape features. Outdoor lighting is not about illuminating everything (like daylight), but to offer selective lighting that is indicative of night-time by employing light and shadows.

Focus Points: Every structure in your property has some distinctive features that serve as points of interest. Illuminating and selecting these areas is the key to successful outdoor light design. This serves two purposes: first, it reveals the existence of these points, and second, it utilizes the areas as visual ‘anchors.’

Balance: Night-time illumination requires a delicate balance between light and dark areas. Night lighting can elicit a range of fears including magnificent to scary, depending on how you adapt the lighting. Night lighting depends on several factors including the absence or presence of light. For example, if your property is well illuminated on the right and the left side is dark, your guests will immediately sense an imbalance.

Depth: This refers to the selective illumination of areas and items both near and far from your guests. This brings three-dimensional quality to the experience. It also introduces dynamism to your viewer’s sight. Illuminating your home only creates a two-dimensional view, while illuminating pathways and driveways around your property invite your guests to participate in your illuminated world. This allows them to view changes in shadows, perspective shifts and other features that integrate landscape depth.

Light Quality: This is in reference to the visual nature of illumination you offer to others. In a typical case, the perceptions are dramatic, subtle, or romantic, to describe the quality of light. The emotional response is achieved through adopting various techniques including light direction, control of the beam, placement of features, and brightness.

Visual Comfort: Outdoor illumination should not be an uncomfortable or painful experience for your viewer. Glaring or overly bright light detracts from the security and safety of your site, and aesthetic value of your property.

Lighting your outdoor areas is an art that can be both aesthetically and practically enjoyable. Experts in this field are able to achieve several goals simultaneously. The results will greatly enhance your experience as a homeowner while serving several functional needs. Each property requires some illumination of some sort, and homeowners get the best when served by professionals in terms of outdoor lighting and design.
I love outdoor lighting not only for security but for the when inviting guests, I am sharing some solar lights that would be great around gardens and walkways, at no cost to you but if you were to purchase it would help me with a bit of compensation to continue my blogging endeavors.
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