The Secrets Of A Stand-Out Blog

Welcome to the world of blogging. Starting a blog is easy, but making it stand-out is where it gets difficult. There’s a lot of competition out there, not just with other bloggers but for readers’ attention. The Secrets Of A Stand-Out Blog

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Whether you’re just starting out or you’re looking to take your blog to the next level, the following secrets could help you to make your blog make a splash, turning your blog into a success.

Ditch the free domain

A free domain is a great way to get your blog started, but the sad truth is that some blogs can be overlooked because of the free domain. There are several disadvantages associated with free domains, and while there are some positives, you’ll be much better off by taking the plunge and purchasing your domain. To be able to benefit from SEO and better search engine visibility, a paid-for domain is the answer.

Give it a professional look and feel

When it comes to browsing the thousands of blogs that exist online, you’re going to be drawn to a blog that looks attractive and professional. You don’t need a web design degree to create a visually-appealing blog; it’s actually easier than you think. You can choose a web building program to help you make your blog look exactly how you want it, and it’s worth reading more info about the types of website builders that are out there. Take a look at different themes that can help make your blog look incredible, without spending hours trawling through coding guides.

Take better photos

Photos really do make the blog. Your written content could read like a masterpiece, but if the visuals aren’t there to hook people in – you might find that nobody sticks around long enough to take a look at the words. Learn to perfect your lighting to get the most out of your photos and help them to brighten up your page. Alternate between great photos and cool graphics for your blog that will help give it that visual element you’ve been lacking.

Learn how to write a great blog post

Being able to write is a great skill, but there’s much more to blogging than simply being able to write well. There are some methods that bloggers will swear by to help them produce the perfect blog post, and over time you’ll be able to find your own style that works for you. Read others’ top tips for writing a good blog post to help you get some useful ideas for structure and content. Being able to blog well takes some practice, but by following the advice of others, you can soon get the hang of it.

Build a social media presence to match

One of the best ways to generate page views for your blog is to use social media. Social media can help you to inform people about your latest blog posts, build a connection and help you engage with potential readers. It’s also a great way to discover the work of other bloggers and find topics that you’re interested in. There are some fantastic platforms out there to help you generate interest in your blog, including Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. More than simply about sharing links, you can join in conversations about topics related to your blog and help achieve a deeper level of engagement that makes blogs successful. Learn how to promote your blog using social media to help you get your blog out there to a much wider audience. One of the best ways is to use Instagram but first, you need to learn how to get more Instagram followers

Collaborate with others

Guest blogging is a great way to help more people discover your blog and gives you the chance to promote fellow bloggers too. Find someone who’s blog you admire and can offer posts that fit within your blog. It helps to switch things up every now and then and this could be a great way to keep your content fresh.  

Be yourself

As a last thought, being yourself and letting your personality shine through your blog is what can help make it successful. Things should feel natural, rather than forced to make that real connection between you and the reader. Don’t feel like you have to emulate someone else to be successful; it’s far better to be yourself.

Creating a stand-out blog takes time, and the successful bloggers you follow or read about have spent years getting to where they are. Enjoy writing your blog for you, and the rest will come in its own time.

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