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Sabrina is our little girl, she is so sweet and there is never a dull moment with her.  She either follows me everywhere, sleeps by my side or, snuggles with me on the couch. And now, I will let her tell her story: (Funner that way)

I have to look at everything, smell everything and generally I am a nosy cat, more so than Digger the other cat. I love to chase string and mice (not the real ones of course the ones mom buys with catnip in). I love White Cheddar Popcorn, (I eat it like food), oh and I found weight loss bars, (I took a bite). As you can see above, I drink water from the spigot, and don’t mind when my mom sprays me with the hand sprayer, “I just love water”, I love hugs more than any cat. Mom “I am a delight and a pain in the tuckus all at the same time”. My long tail knocks things off all the time. My mom sometimes gets upset when something crashes. (Mom; “Most cats manage around things”)

Oh……and I am very particular about my sunning spot and not unusual to throw a paw at Digger when he tries to invades, he just wander off to another pot.

Mom; “If she follows us in the bathroom, she jumps into the sink or tub”. Does not like the door closed, she wants in!

I have funny toes, they tell me they are called “splayed toes” that the claws extend upward (their really funny, but they dont bother me) my mom says she could paint them and they’ed be real pretty. But I dont think so.

Played Toes

Sometimes I look like an Egyptian cat or an owl with my dainty face.

We both like to and are used to going outside, in a limited space with a chain on our collar and happy with that every morning. (Our mom insists so we don’t wander away) That happened to Digger, the other cat, decided not to come home for 2 days. He also climbs trees, if he is not on a chain, gives my mom a heart start. I’m a good girl, I just wander by the door until I get hungry and ready for a nap. Well now I am off to clean up and take a nap, but before I go, here’s

Purrs & Hugs
PS If you are a cat friend please use our linky to share your story!! Oh and there are more stories on Digger The Cats Page

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