Home Series: Most Common Roof Problems You Should Know About

 Most Common Roof Problems You Should Know

Although a roof system can undergo a number of problems, below are the most common roof part issues a roof is vulnerable to. These common roof problems are also fairly easy to recognize and repair. If you are ill at ease with accessing your roof carefully or feel that this type of work is outside your skill set contact a professional roofing contractor such as Roofing contractors Ann ArborRoof Tops


Fascia is an architectural word that refers to a band situated vertically and running horizontally under a roof edge. In easier terms, it is a roof trim or the front board along the roof line. It characteristically contains sheet metal or wooden boards. So, image the vertical finishing edge that links to the ends of trusses, rafters and the section where the gutter links to the roof.

The main function of fascia is to secure by performing as a layer in-between the end of the roof and the parts of the outdoors, specifically water. It also guards the interior of the building from weather harm by obstructing its opening into the structure. Fascia also plays an important role, making a smooth, even presence for the edge of a roof. Moisture is the main reason of difficulties with your fascia so be sure to look for warnings of damage or rot and get in touch with a roofing contractor instantly if you notice a problem.


The unprotected surface underneath the pendulous section of a roof eave or the complete surface underneath the fascia and rafters is called the soffit.

Vented soffit has minor holes that give air circulation so it can steer to the vents and pull heat and moisture away from the house.

It plays a major role in aiding to ventilate the attic and avert rot in the sheathing and rafters. Most soffits are prepared from vinyl because it is a cost-effective and water-resistant material. It assists to regulate the high temperature in the attic and across the rest of the home creating it a comfortable place to live. Watch out for holes, cracks and rotting to evade an easy admission for insects, water or small animals


Flashings are gears used to cover roof perimeters, penetrations, system edges, valleys, drains, walls, and any other part where the real roof cover is terminated or interrupted. The main function of flashing is to aid to seal any vacuums in the roof system where liquids may go in making these main areas for leak sources if not examined frequently.

The material is typically galvanized steel or aluminum and, contingent on the type of roof, is most probable in the valleys, about the chimney and around dormer windows or skylights. Oxidization and weather are the common perpetrators for flashing weakening but it is likely that flashing can just merely come loose. Most professional roofing contractors shape and cut their flashing from sheet metal but flashing pieces nowadays come ready made.

As a homeowner one of the most expensive repairs can be roofing, whether you are repairing or needing to upgrade, roofers Brentwood are experienced and can give you insight what should be considered when finding a company that can provide you the best Roofing Installation & Repair.

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