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Delicious Citrus Salad with Passionfruit Syrup

Fruit salads can be part of any meal.
They can be a delicious and light breakfast, a tasty snack, a guilt-free dessert or even a side dish for fish or seafood.
They’re, for the most part, affordable, easy to transport, easy to freeze and easy to make. All without putting a pan on the stove.
In short, fruit salads are amazing.
And you know what’s the best thing about fruit salads? There are so many possible combinations you can eat fruit salads daily for weeks without repeating a dish.
Don’t take our word for it. Try it!
We’ll even help you to get started with this simple, yet delicious recipe.  Delicious Citrus Salad with Passionfruit Syrup

Citrus Salad with Passionfruit Syrup
This recipe serves up to 6 people and should take around 25 minutes, including chilling time.


  • 3 ripe oranges.
  • 3 ½ oz. of caster sugar (or granulated sugar)
  • 1 vanilla bean
  • 2 red grapefruits (can be replaced with blood oranges)
  • 2 ripe passionfruit, pulped.
  • raspberries.
  • 2 tablespoons of lime juice.


Step 1: Mix the ingredients for the syrup.

Zest an orange and place the zest on a pan with the granulated sugar, the vanilla bean seeds and, the lime juice and the juice of the zested orange.

Step 2: Heat up.

Stir the mix on low heat until the sugar has dissolved completely, then let simmer for 3 minutes. If the syrup is too thick, add a bit of water until it reaches the desired consistency.

Step 3: Let it cool.

Once the sugar has dissolved, pour in a bowl and let it cool for a bit.

Step 4: Add Passionfruit.

Before the syrup is cold, add the passionfruit pulp and stir until thoroughly mixed.

Step 5: Prepare your fruit.

While the syrup cools down completely, peel and segment your oranges and grapefruit.

Step 6: Place in a bowl.

Place the oranges and grapefruit slices in a bowl, then mix with the berries.

Step 7: Add Syrup.

Pour the passionfruit on the fruit, shaking the bowl slightly to ensure the syrup mixes well with the fruit.

Step 8: Chill

Let the fruit chill for around an hour for best results, but you can serve it before the hour is up.


  • If you want to fancy up your recipe, serve with coconut meringues as garnish. This is a particularly good idea if you’re planning on serving this fruit salad as a dessert.
  • If you want more variety, you can also use papaya, kiwi, strawberry, mango and even peach.

Why Passionfruit?

Passionfruit might not be at the top of anyone’s grocery list and there’s a good chance you’ve never tried this fruit before, so you might be asking “why passionfruit syrup?”

Well, the why is quite simple: Passionfruit is amazing for you.

  1. Passionfruit is full of antioxidants, such as vitamin A and vitamin C. This can help decrease the risks of cancer and has positive effects on your cell regeneration, which can also improve your skin in ways more natural than skin products.
  2. Passionfruit can protect you from high blood pressure, thanks to its high contents of potassium, which help balance your electrolytes and keeps in check your calcium levels.
  3. Passionfruit is full of soluble fiber. This can help you have healthy and regular bowel movements.
  4. Passionfruit has high contents of flavonoids and betacaronete, which can protect your eyes from free radical damage and can help protect the membranes that take care of the cornea of your eyes.
  5. Passionfruit an protect you from anemia, thanks to the high content of iron and vitamin c found in the fruit. This combination can help increase your hemoglobin levels, which in turn can help you prevent or even treat anemia.

If all those benefits weren’t enough, keep in mind that passionfruit is absolutely delicious and it’s a fantastic way of adding a sweet touch without added artificial sugars. All with a flavor unlike any other!

Did you find this recipe useful? Do you have any questions? Did you try it and want to let us know what you think?

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