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Are You Ready to Hit the Beach: Style Guide for Women over 40Are You Ready to Hit the Beach Style Guide-1

Without doubt, getting older can be a bit frightening, especially when our body is concerned. Our bodies start changing shape, our skin starts sagging and loses its old youthful glow, and our hair is turning gray rapidly. Turning 40 is one of those big milestones in every woman’s life, and present-day 40-something women sure look a lot different than those in previous decades did.

Ladies from all over the world are proof that there is no age limit to being stylish!

Know Where to Draw the Line

When it comes to styles and colours you should be wearing at the beach, know that there are trendy patterns and prints that you should better avoid. If you like to wear colourful clothes and bikinis, limit yourself to discrete patterns with geometric shapes or simple floral patterns. The easiest thing to do is pick black and white combination and add a pop of colour to it. Not only does this look good on women of this age, but it is also the absolute winning beach style this summer.

Teeny tiny bikinis that reveal a bit too much should stay at home; you are a sophisticated and dignified lady who knows the best way to emphasize her attractiveness and hide what she does not like. Trendy patterns and prints for swimming suits

Rock Your Swimsuit

When it comes to looking good on the beach, it takes a bit more effort than you are used to. Wearing a swimsuit exposes your body more to other people’s looks, so you should know what is best to wear. Steer clear of popular trends, your body shape is already defined and you know what looks good on you.

Stylish swimwear by Leonisa paired up with a nice beach kaftan, wide-brimmed straw hat, and glamorous sunglasses will make you look like a movie star on the beach. Get to know your body; only that will help you pick the right swimsuit. Rock Your Swimsuit

Right Beach Accessories

Going to the beach wearing nothing but your swimsuit is a bad idea – you never know if you are going to go somewhere, perhaps for a drink in a local café with a friend, and you will wish that you had something to cover yourself up a bit. Cover ups are wonderful and can make you look glamorous in a blink of an eye: silk kaftans, fringed sarongs, and light, flowy shawls can complete the look.

Don’t forget to cover your eyes and protect them from the sun; so nice pair of sunglasses and a case to put them in later on are a must. In addition, you will need a wide-brimmed hat and some light footwear – feel free to wear decorated flip flops, those are much better option than high heels on the beach.

When it comes to being stylish and elegant, age is just a number. There is nothing that stops you from wearing your age gracefully, and what is more, you have the opportunity to dress well and stay true to yourself. Trends don’t concern you unless they promote something you immensely like, and even then you have enough courage to twist them up and create something unique. Just be yourself – 40 and amazing! Right Beach Accessories

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