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4 Things to Consider When Purchasing an Air Mattress

Getting an air mattress is really a great investment, not only will you be able to have an extra bed for relatives and friends to stay over at your house, but also for the excitement and comfort of outdoor trips. A recent study by Mattress Picks, is that if you love going to the mountains, a high quality and durable air mattress will surely elevate your sleeping experience to unprecedented heights. If you like pool parties, well, need I say more about how fun it could be just by having the air mattress floating in the pool? Or if you have little kids and are a little protective of their safety, then you can still make them experience that great outdoor feeling with a simple tent and an air mattress just outside on your lawn. 

Aside from these fun and exciting benefits and an air mattress doesn’t permanently consume space in your home, as you can easily deflate and fold the air mattress and keep it put away. It is a very practical and reliable piece of furniture to have. Keep in mind however, that all of these benefits could be useless if you end up with a low-quality air mattress that could definitely replace that excitement with deep regret.  4 Things To Consider When Purchasing an Air MattressBut worry not, as our friends from ChooseMattress have come up with 4 great tips that will help you avoid buying a low-quality air mattress:

  1. Quality of Material

In order to ensure that your air mattress is made of high-quality materials, try to ask the staff from the store to fully inflate the air mattress for your inspection.

When doing the inspection, touch the surface of the air mattress thoroughly. First and foremost, the air mattress must be waterproof; you can easily confirm this by its smooth and plastic-like texture making liquid slide across it and be easily wiped off.

The air mattress must also have a thick surface that will prevent it from being easily pierced or scratched. Remember that air mattresses can be used outdoors, so it is very important that it has resistance to various materials especially sharp objects. An air mattress with just a single hole can significantly affect its value and use. 

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  1. Comfort

The next thing to check in an air mattress is its comfortability. The best way to check it is by lying down on it at full inflation. The air mattress must make you feel comfortable and in place. You don’t want it to be unstable and which could make you feel seasick. A high-quality air mattress must have a stable base and frame that can provide decent comfort.

  1. Warranty

With all kinds of advertisements and promos out there, warranties are still the best among them. A high-quality air mattress must provide you with a good warranty. It is always better to have a warranty in case of accidents or defects. The air mattress is an important investment, so you must have a guarantee or insurance for it.

  1. Electric Pumps

Trust me, manually inflating the air mattress will only be fun at the start. After a few tries, everybody will get tired and will end up causing a delay in blowing up the mattress. It is better to have an electric pump or battery-powered pump to do the trick for you. In fact, most air mattresses today are offered with electric pumps as a set.

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