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I have been writing several articles about aging and this fits right in for some of us it happens sooner than later. If we had only known to care for our skin better or heeded the advice of our moms.

How to get rid of signs of aging from your neck?

We see so many anti-aging and wrinkle removing creams in the market. However, almost all of them are for our faces. Most beauty companies neglect our necks altogether. Throughout our life, our necks are as exposed to UV rays as our faces. Pollution and harsh chemicals affect the skin of our face and neck equally. The neck ages just as fast as our face. It gets only a fraction of our attention.

Why does our neck region have so many wrinkles?

According to Huffington Post, the neck area is one of the most neglected parts that demand our attention. There are numerous horror stories of celebrities losing work and models looking 20 years older due to sudden sagging of skin.

It is more sensitive

This is because the skin on our neck is as sensitive as the skin on our face. The tissue is weaker too since it does not have as much bone and cartilage support as it has on our face. It also withstands a lot of abuse from the sun and natural vitamin depletion. It is more susceptible to aging as compared to our arms or legs.

Bad sleeping habits

Some of us have bad sleeping habits that take a toll on the youth and integrity of the skin on our neck regions. For example – if you favor sleeping on your side, you are likely putting pressure on your breasts and your chest. This can give you long find wrinkles on your chest that extend up to your neck.

Do you have these signs of aging?

Turkey neck 

This is the live horror show for many, who have neglected their skin for eons. This is the singular most significant sign of aging that beauty companies are trying to fight. Using top selling neck products will show significant improvements. It gets its name from the sagging skin that looks like the gobbler of a turkey.

Sagging skin

This takes away the precious jawline and ten years with it. Curing sagging skin by just creams and moisturizers is very difficult. Many people opt for skin tucking surgeries after a certain age. However, that is a costly procedure and not 100% efficient for everyone.

Prevention is the cure

It is best for everyone to take the preventive path. Use sunscreen generously on your neck every day. Take a liberal amount of your special neck firming skin cream during your night routine and apply is with the gentle upwards motion of your fingers along your neck. Keep your fingers firm. Although you may be spending a couple of dollars extra today, it will give you at least ten more years of youth and save you from invasive youth-restoring surgeries.

Special youth neck creams exist too

Only recently, the beauty and cosmetics industry is wizening up to the concerns that fall just below the jawline. From exfoliators to collagen creams, there are multiple options for you to tighten, brighten and restore youth below your jawline. They also come with a promise of minor wrinkles in the future. 

Author Bio: Amanda Statham is a beauty expert. To find out the best at you need, check out her blogs on top selling neck products today.
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