Take Playing Fetch to the Next Level

​Take Playing Fetch to the Next Level

​Nearly every dog loves to play fetch with their owner. Aside from being great exercise for our four legged friends, it also gives us a wonderful way to bond with them. While the usual tennis ball will suffice, there are all sorts of fantastic new toys coming out to take playing fetch to a whole new level. Taking Playing Fetch to The Next Level

From frisbee-esque toys to the automatic fetch machine, fastdogs.org include in their offer, you and your furry companion can enjoy their favorite game in a brand new way. Without further ado, here are some of the best fetch toys on the market!

The iFetch

Sometimes it seems as though our dogs could play fetch from dawn to dusk. As much as we would all love to play with our dogs all day, the reality is that we have to work for a living as well as do things around the house. Thankfully, iFetch came along to fix this problem.

The concept is simple, a machine that your dog can use to play fetch all on their own. The iFetch shoots out tennis balls for your dog to catch, then they simply have to bring it back and drop the ball in to restart the process. This toy lets them entertain themselves for hours on end.

The iFetch comes in a smaller size for small to medium dogs, and a larger size for the bigger breeds. The larger sized model fires full sized tennis balls and its internal motors are protected with rubber to ensure the machine will not jam from slobber or mud. Definitely a great choice for any fetch obsessed pooch.

​The Kick Fetch Ball

ChuckIt!’s kick fetch ball is perfect for medium and large dog breeds, especially those who know how to tear through their chew toys. This soccer ball sized toy is made from incredibly durable rubber material that enables it to bounce around while withstanding the roughest of fetch sessions.

The inner core of the ball is made from foam that compresses when chewed, so even the largest of dogs can really enjoy playing with it. With two sizes to best suit your pet, this is a great choice for any fetch lover.

​The Duck Diver

Dogs who just love to get wet will not get enough of the Duck Diver, especially on a hot, sunny day. This toy is also great for a hound who loves to hunt or any dog that needs a lot of exercise.

This toy is half ball and half diving duck. Simply toss this toy into the water and its weight will do the rest. All your dog has to do is jump in, catch it, then bring it back. The Duck Diver also comes in a shark fin and alligator model for even more pool fetching fun.

The Duck Diver Playing Catch

​The Oxgord Bazooka

This one is as fun for you to use as it is for your dog! Much like the old Nerf bazooka toys, you simply pull back the handle to determine the distance you want to launch the ball and pull the trigger to send it flying.

The toy holds one tennis ball in the chamber and two below in conveniently attached carriers. This fun toy fires balls up to 10 feet, but can be set at a lower level for indoor use as well. Although large, it weighs next to nothing so you can carry it around with ease.

​Best Fetch Toys

These are just a few of the fantastic toys that take playing fetch with your dog to a whole new level. If you own a pet that loves one of the oldest and best games in existence, then both of you can enjoy in these awesome toys!

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