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Here’s What You Need to Know for Planning the Perfect Wedding

You enter your wedding engaged. And you exit your wedding married. It is perfectly understandable that so much attention is given to what happens in between. Your wedding is the gateway to the rest of your life. For many, it is more than a ceremony. It is a sacred ritual and public declaration of an eternal love and an unbreakable union.  What You Need to Know for Planning the Perfect Wedding

Naturally, you want your wedding to be perfect. But perfection does not come easy. It takes lots of planning. A healthy budget also helps. The fewer compromises you have to make, the more perfect your special day will be. A big wedding is a once in a lifetime affair.

Money is most definitely an object for most people. According to CNN, the average cost of a US wedding rose to over $32,000 in 2015. This is a prohibitive amount of money for many people. But fear not. If your budget doesn’t stretch quite that far, you can still have the perfect wedding. You just want to make sure you apply the budget to the most important elements such as the following.

The Rings

The wedding will last a day. The rings will last a lifetime. It is not just the people in the Hillcrest area who should get the best engagement rings San Diego has to offer. Every bride deserves a great ring. That is because a ring is a promise.

The engagement ring is a promise that the search is over. More than that, it is a declaration of intent. The wedding ring is the next phase of the same promise that is renewed daily. Mens rings are also an important part of the promise. It says he is taken, and proudly so.

There is also an implied financial commitment. It shows that you are going to be together for a long time, and will meet your financial responsibilities toward your new family. And during tough times, the ring becomes an important reminder of all those promises made, and promises kept. For a long time, the perfect ring has been a key element of the perfect wedding.

The Memories

By now, we all realize that human memories are not perfect, far from it. We can’t reliably recall what we wore yesterday. So if we are to maintain a perfect memory of our wedding, we are going to have to have a little help in the form of photographers and videographers.

Choose your videographer carefully. Also, spend some time thinking about the format you want those memories to be in. Photos are easy. You want physical pictures you can frame, as well as the digital files that can be used as negatives for reprinting in any format.

Video requires a bit more thought. Think about the wedding of your grandparents trapped on projection film. They couldn’t watch it if they wanted to. No one has the right kind of machine to play it. That is even true of VHS these days. BlueRay will be just as problematic in fewer years than you think.

Even the digital format will not be easy to sort. Will that be FLAC or MOV? Video is always more complicated. But it is worth it when done right. A picture may be worth a thousand words. But a great video is priceless.

The Community

The promises are important. And the memories are sublime. But what marriages need if they are going to go the distance is a solid community of family and friends that serve as the matrix in which your relationship exists. No man is an island, neither is a couple. We don’t just need the village to raise a child. We need it to form strong and lasting marriages.

That is what the guest list is all about. These are not just warm bodies to fill seats. These are your community support systems on which you will depend. You are making a promise to become a fully vested part of the community. But you are also asking the community to accept you, and help your relationship to grow and flourish.

The perfect wedding requires the perfect ring, the perfect memories, and the perfect community. With these three things, you will ensure that your wedding day will not be your last perfect day together, but the first of many to come.

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