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How to Plan the Perfect City Break10 Travel Tips For The Perfect City Break

City breaks are a great way to take time off and experience everything a city has to offer. If you’re going for a weekend or a few days, you’ll want to make the most of every single minute. Follow our simple tips to planning the perfect city break.
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1. Don’t go too far. If you only have a few days to spend, then you don’t want to spend them traveling. Find short haul destinations with short flights and transfers.

2. Plan ahead. Unlike your main vacation, you won’t have a few days to get over the stress of planning. You’ll be straight into your holiday from the moment you arrive. Planning ahead of time is crucial. Make yourself a packing list. Arrange time off work as soon as possible. Alert colleagues to your absence and arrange for timely handovers.

3. Do your research before you leave and make a note of the places you want to visit. You might not get to see everywhere and so prioritize. If there are lots of things you want to do while you’re away, consider renting a car. Opt for a reputable service like Hotwire cars.

Read guidebooks and reviews in advance to compile a list of restaurants, bars, museums, parks and other places of note.

4. Have a Plan B. Things don’t always go according to plan. Your schedule could be thwarted by the weather, or an attraction could be closed. Take a list of alternative destinations. Often it’s these alternate plans that make the greatest memories.

5. Try to keep to a timeframe. Where possible, try to keep to a timetable. This will allow you to pack in as much as possible. Allow a little flexibility for spur of the moments changes. A little spontaneity is good.


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6. Save money. Planning ahead will enable you to look at ways of keeping costs down. Look for travel cards and passes. Some museums and galleries provide day passes to allow you entry to a number of sights. Take advantage of these where possible.

7. Take comfortable clothing. Walking around all day can be tiring, and you don’t want to be uncomfortable. Take comfy shoes and wear them in before you go. There’s nothing worse than blisters when you have four more hours of sightseeing.

8. Prepare for the weather. Prepare for different eventualities. The weather can be unpredictable. Pack for the season but take a few alternates just in case. At the very least, make sure you have changes of clothes in case of rain.

9. Don’t forget chargers. You don’t want to spend precious hours of your vacation looking for phone or camera chargers. Make sure you include them in your list and double check before you leave.

10. Have fun. Through all the planning and packing, remember your reasons for going away. City breaks split up the working year and give you something to look forward to. They can leave you recharged and reenergized. And they’re a great way to escape the mundanity and spend quality time with friends or loved ones. So, plan and prepare but leave a little time for spontaneity. Make the most of your time away and have fun.

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