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How to Decorate Your Home When You Have a Cat 4 Tips For Decorating a Home When You Have a Cat

When it comes to decorating your home with pets, there are certain things that just don’t work. In order to make sure your pet (and you!) are comfortable and happy, there are a number of things you can do to decorate your home to be cat-friendly.

Get Hard Surface Flooring

Having a hard surface floor is often the best choice when it comes to having pets. While your cat will go in the litter box, they can traipse litter and even feces throughout the home. Having a hard surface floor makes it extremely easy to clean up after your cat and allows you to maintain your home much more conveniently.

Cats also often love to scratch things with their claws and carpet makes a great surface for this. Sometimes, your cat will claw at the carpet, damaging it over time.

Avoid Decorating With Breakables 

Although your cat may agile, delicate, and nimble, it’s still a good idea to avoid breakables around your home. Although you may really want to display your crystal vase, it may be best to avoid putting it out where it could potentially get knocked over and break. 

Cats are often very soft on their feet and sure-footed, and don’t typically break things around the home. However, depending on what it is – and where it’s placed – it may be a good idea to keep it down and out of sight. Cats can sometimes be playful, so they could knock it off on purpose one day. More likely, they could jump up wrong one day or get too close, knocking it over and breaking it.

Even if your cat is well behaved and cautious around objects, it’s best to be careful about what you leave out and where you leave it so nothing gets broken.

Hidden Litter Box Furniture 

Why not make your furniture efficient and useful as well? There are a range of different furniture products that are ideally suited for your cat and that make life with your pet simpler. If you want to get rid of your litter box and hide it, there are a range of different litter box furniture products that can be hidden in furniture.

These products offer the regular functionality of furniture so you can have a coffee table or . In addition, they have hidden compartments and convenient areas for litter boxes so that it’s out of the way most of the time. This is convenient for you because it keeps the litter box out of view and integrates it with your furniture. This can greatly increase the appearance of your home and gets rid of that pesky litter box.

Intuitive Furniture That’s Cat-Friendly 

There is also an assortment of different furniture products that are especially suited for cat owners. They have interactive and intuitively designed furniture products, including shelves and tables, that have open areas for your cat to climb through. They still function to give you everything you need, but also offer a safe place and fun areas for your cat to enjoy!

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