What Parents Need to Know About a Text Spyware App

What Parents Need to Know About a Text Spyware App

If you want to know how your child is doing, checking their smartphone may be the best bet. Most Parents, at some time or another, wonder whether their kid is doing everything right that they are supposed to do. Like, are they making the right friends and doing fine in their social and personal lives? It was tough to figure that out in the past, but now, there are apps to assist parents in finding such answers.

Xnspy is one such text spyware app that helps the parents to monitor their children.

Do parents really need text spyware apps?

Kids of all ages are increasingly reliant on their mobile phones and make significant use of social media throughout the day, with Facebook and YouTube the most commonly used platforms across all age groups. Like everything else, the online world has its dark sides and children face issues such as bullying, anti-social behavior and pressure to look good.

According to a recent survey conducted by Australian Psychological Society (APS), only 40% of parents monitor their children’s online activity. While 63% of teens feel pressure to look good on social media and 28.7% teens have experienced bullying on social media.  Do parents really need text spyware apps

Such issues of body image, low self-esteem, etc. are having an impact on the well-being of the kids which is a moment of epiphany for concerned parents. If you are worried, there’s definitely a need for some text message reader spy app.

How Xnspy helps to counter online dangers?

If you are a parent then you are likely to understand the appeal of these apps. Parents are repeatedly checking on their kids’ activities throughout the day even when they are out with friends or in school. They get worried and fretted over little mishaps and wonder if they can be controlled somehow. Being able to do that all from your smartphone sounds like a dream come true. Here is how Xnspy helps to allay these concerns:

  1. Help your child avoid cyber threats: Teens are bigger users of social media than adults. They would log into their favorite platforms several times a day. As they would scroll and surf through different pages, they make different comments. Due to their social media activity, they are often subjected to harassment or hate speech.

The app helps parents to monitor their kids’ online activity. Xnspy can track all the browsing history of your child. The browsing history will help you track all the websites your child visits and would also inform you about their frequency too.

You can monitor what websites your child is interested in as you have access to the bookmarked sites as well.

  1. Track their text conversations: The research by APS also found out that one in ten teens make contact with the strangers and 15% of the teens report being contacted by strangers on the Facebook. Cyberstalking is rampant and children are easy targets for strangers as they are novice and innocent.

A text message reader spy app keeps track of the text conversations on your child’s smartphone. It provides you information about the SMS sent and received through their phone and provides you the contact information of every text message on the phone.

But what about the cyberstalking and strangers’ messages in your Facebook inbox? Well, Xnspy even allows you to access Facebook messages of your child. Other apps that you can monitor include WhatsApp, Skype, Instagram, Kik, Viber, and iMessage.

  1. Vigilance makes difference: Although it is impossible to monitor everything that’s going on, this app helps you to cover much of what your child does in their digital or real world. Besides tracking online and smartphone-related activities, you can see where your kid is heading to in the outside world.

You can use your smartphone to keep tabs on your child’s location. Xnspy gives you the real-time information about their location. If you wish to see the location later, then you are provided with the day-long location history of your child in the form of a log. But parents are at times too busy to look into every tiny detail even if they want to, so they can set virtual boundaries around the areas they wish to be notified about. And every time your child leaves or enters the watchlisted area, the app will send reminders directly to your inbox.

Do you need to be tech-savvy to use it?

Parents are usually tech-shy and they even do not change their cell phones like other people. So does this makes the app difficult for them to use? Absolutely not! Using Xnspy is pretty straightforward. Once you subscribe to the app, you receive a follow-up email. Use the instructions and information provided within the email to install the app on the target phone. You can start using the text spyware app right after installing it.


Teenagers whose parents are monitoring their online use in some way, whether by following their accounts or monitoring through an app, could respond to negative events and cyber-aggressions better than those whose parents weren’t trying to be involved.

When we catch a problem early, we can start helping early, and starting early can make all the difference for the life and future of a child.


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