The Challenge of Parents To Keep Kids Safe From Cyber Bullying

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Find out more about the issues that parents face bringing up children nowadays and how to solve those issues to become a better parent.

Parents vs the Internet Parent Battle With Internet and Keep Kids Safe From Cyber Bullying

One may say that parenting today is easier task nowadays because of technologies that help parents. However, the very technologies make parenting more challenging task than ever before – adults have to deal with problems no one heard about 20 years ago. Cyberbullying, harassment, online predators, stealing of personal information, stalkers, inappropriate content – these are a few dangers among huge amount of others that the Internet has brought in our lives.

Some parents tend to neglect this issue. Statistically, 70% parents do not check online activities of their children, do not monitor their messaging or pay attention to browsing history. Such gross negligence may lead to the most disastrous repercussions – no one knows exactly how many children disappear everyday going to a meeting with a ‘peer’ online friend without parents’ knowing, how much sensitive information stalkers receive looking through the social media accounts that are not protected with security settings etc.


A lot is said about the negative impacts of cyberbullying for both victim and bully. A lot is said about suicides, number of underage Internet users involved or witnessed cyberbullying accidents online, percentage of victims suffering from depression and low self-esteem. However, it is unknown, how many accidents would be prevented if parents had monitored messaging of their children. Simple monitoring app that kid knows about makes kid thinking about content of his/her messages and parents will know at once that their kid receives abusive messages Protecting Kids From Social Media Sexting and Inappropriate Content on Cell Phones and Internet

Social media issues

It is advisable to befriend kid’s account on the social media platform (but do not comment posts or photos as kids will perceive parents like turnkeys). Children tend to share information that would better be kept in secret – address, name and location of school etc. Scammers specializing in identity thefts can use this information in their misinvoicings. Online predators and stalkers can use it to find location of your children. Thieves can find out that you are going on vacations somewhere and make a visit to your apartments. Do you still want to leave account of your kid unsupervised?


Online communication of teenagers is filled with sexting – messages with sexual connotation. Often they share nude or semi-nude photos with each other (and in some states that can be incriminated as child porno peddling). Monitoring software can do a great job of protecting children from it.

Inappropriate content

Children have an easy access to the Internet – it seems that soon even steamers will send emails to their owners. It is impossible to unsee something that should not be seen in tender years – and that’s parents’ responsibility to protect their children from it. Kid-friendly browsers, online content filters, creating separate profiles on home computers – by whatever means necessary.

It is possible to write 10 page papers dedicated to each of these issues – and still only scratch the surface. Yet it is obvious that there is one necessary option that can help struggle with them all – trust-based relationship between parents and children. Safe, healthy and confiding atmosphere at home encourages kids to share their problems with parents and solve them together.

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