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Outdoor-Garden-Ideas-DIY-Projects While some places of the US are still under snow, many are melting and everyone will be anxious to get out and do spring cleaning and create some new and fun additions to their yards. Of course, you only have to visit Pinterest to find lots of ideas, I’m sharing just a few.

This is an interesting sculpture made with different size rocks. 

I could even make these outdoor candle holders and could use citronella to ward off the evening bugs.

Now this is something my daughter makes and she even adds driftwood.
If you like to take walks near river beds this would be a good place to collect some interesting and colorful rocks. 

This is a re-purposed project: three galvanized trash can lids grouped together,
placed on flat rocks, make a great attraction for bird friends. 

I would love to have a yard that I could have a water feature like this. Looks so relaxing.

And my post would not be complete without sharing something miniature

All sources are from Pinterest Garden Boards Link

There are even more ideas, this one made with pallets and so colorful and useful for lots of flowers  Succulents Perfect For a Housplant and a Living Centerpiece

Succulents Perfect For a Houseplant and a Living Centerpiece Found on This Pinterest Board

Giggles Galore Colorful-DIY-Spring-Planter-Box

Giggles Galore  // Colorful-DIY-Spring-Planter-Box I Creative Ideas DIY-Terracotta-Pot-Fountain

I Creative Ideas // DIY-Terracotta-Pot-Fountain 

How to Make a Terracotta Pot Table Dukes and Duchesses // How To Make a Terracotta Table 

DIY Show Off Stacked-Ombre-Flower-Pots-Tutorial Featured Outdoor Garden Ideas DIY Projects

DIY Show Off
Stacked-Ombre-Flower-Pots-Tutorial Featured Outdoor Garden Ideas DIY Projects
This is one of my favorites I am sharing and would love to make one!!  There are so many ideas for DIY projects to make and beautify your yard,
some very inexpensive and can be made in a short time and if you need things for working on projects you can ship second-hand garden items right to your home to complete your backyard.

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