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Non-GMO Pre-made Organic Baby Foods To Feed Your Babies

There is a great difference between mothers of yesteryear’s and mothers of today. Those days, most mothers don’t go to work. They are full time homemakers, they look after their babies and families. There was no shortcut to anything and there was no pre-made instant food to lighten their work.

The world has changed and many women are now full time workers both outside and inside. Many families find it hard to depend on a sole bread earner. In order to have a better life for their children, women have to go out to work. These working mothers have no choice but to depend on pre-made baby food produced by food manufacturers.

Many of these working mothers want the best for their babies. They choose to breastfeed their babies, knowing that mother’s milk is still the best for their little ones. But as their babies grow, they have to slowly prepare them for solid food especially when the babies are reaching 6 months old. Some are ready to take soft food earlier, while others may be much later.Amara Baby Food-1

In the old days babies were fed with the simple grounded rice or cereal porridge. The rice or cereals were grounded till fine powder and they are cooked with water or milk into a thick creamy porridge for easy feeding. To add extra nutrition, mothers will blend cooked fish meat, anchovies and vegetables to the porridge. Those days everything was homemade and home cooked. Now that most women are working mothers, the food industry came up with pre-made baby food stored in bottles or in packets.Amara Baby Food-2 .jpg

Many mothers do not realize that these pre-made baby food on the shelves are not 100% natural food and they contain preservatives, artificial flavours and colouring. All these are not good for the health of the babies and will be detrimental to their health in their later years. We know most mothers have no choice but to depend on pre-made baby food. But what mothers can do is to choose and buy only healthy organic and non gmo baby food specially prepared by health conscious food manufacturers.
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