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Vacation is a wonderful thing. It’s relaxing, fun, and helps us recharge before we head back to our work and everyday personal lives. Vacations are good for us, but they’re only as good as what we do with them. Heading to a beach is a wonderful choice, but how you use your valuable days off will make the difference between a forgettable week off and a once-in-a-lifetime journey.

With that in mind, we’re laying out a few of the things that you might want to do in order to make the absolute most of your beach vacation. Here’s what you should think about as you make your plans!

Plan adventurous and physical activities

Beaches are relaxing — but, if you’re not careful, they can be a bit too relaxing. There’s nothing wrong with whiling away a day chilling on the beach, but if you do that for seven days in a row, you might leave your vacation feeling like you didn’t do anything (because, of course, you didn’t).

Here’s a better idea: Book some tours and physical activities. Scuba diving and snorkeling are great ways to make swimming more fun, suggest experts who run tours snorkeling around Peanut Island in Florida. Or you could take a lesson and learn a new skill, like surfing.

Water sports and other beach activities are a great way to get moving during what might otherwise be a bit of a lazy week for you. Being healthy on vacation is smart, so get out and move! Activities like these will also bring a bit of excitement to your laid-back beach week.

Get out on the water

The beach is beautiful, and looking out toward the ocean is relaxing. But the ocean itself is beautiful, too, and heading out on the open water in a boat is a great way to escape the bland and everyday world you’re trying to take a break from.

You don’t necessarily have to head to a boat dealership to pull this off, of course. You could rent a boat, or take a tour with an experienced captain. You may also want to consider specialty tours, such as ones that will take you deep sea fishing.

Appreciate the culture

If you’re visiting a beach community on vacation, then you’re most likely not from a beach community yourself. Even if you are, you’re presumably not from this beach community. So why not learn a bit more about local life? Beaches are beautiful in similar ways, but life is very different in different beach areas. In between sunbathing and swimming sessions, you should talk to some locals and learn more about what makes this place special.

This is true in places like Hawaii and Tahiti, of course, but also in places like the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Whether the place you’re in feels foreign or familiar to you, there’s sure to be some distinct local flavor that reminds you that you’re on an adventure in a new and exciting place.

Go to town

Culture is everywhere, but it’s likely to be concentrated in the nearest town or city. So, once in a while, you should get off the beach and go hit the town. Whether it’s a small beach community or a thriving city, the population nearest to your beach destination is likely to be the place where you’ll find the most vibrant cultural attractions.

It’s also, of course, the place where you’re most likely to find great restaurants and nightclubs. Resort restaurants and beachside bars are all well and good, but getting into town will spice up your vacation with a bit of variety and will encourage you to be social. You’ll get to try some great food and perhaps drink a few alcoholic beverages. Go to town — the beach will still be there tomorrow.
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