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Nailed it: Guide to the Healthy and Stunning Nails Nail CareWe all want to have beautiful and healthy nails but women all over the world are struggling to grow them. One of the main reasons is because nails, just like hair, are not alive, and they cannot repair themselves like our skin can. This is why we have to put in so much effort into keeping them healthy; all the oils, nail polishes, and special treatments are here to prolong the life of dead tissue. It may sound crazy, but there are ways to have stunning nails without visiting manicurist every couple of days.

Change your routine
You don’t have to turn your life upside down to protect your nails, but a few changes can go a long way. If you keep your hands in water for a very long time – long hot baths and plenty of dishwashing can dry them out. Also, using nail polish too much is not a good thing, it stops them from breathing and weakens them. Biting and picking at your nails or cuticles is strictly forbidden and definitely not healthy.Guide to the Healthy and Stunning Nails
Nail care is an important part of health
The easiest way to prevent them from breaking is to keep them relatively short. Remember to apply moisturizing cream after bathing and washing hands, and when you are doing dishes or scrubbing your tub, wear protective gloves.Always apply base

This may be a bit more time-consuming than you are used to and it may also be one of the reasons why women often skip this step, but it’s a mistake. Base will keep your nails healthy and protect them from chipping and splitting. What is more, it will also make the nail polish last longer once applied.

You should also avoid chipping your nails before you apply any products, this way you will ensure that they will not break when you start filing. Find the right nail shape for you and remember that round shape is the best for keeping the nails healthy as you will have no edges that could be chipped.

Take vitamin supplements
Just like our bodies could use some help in staying healthy and functioning right, so could our nails. We need vitamins and proteins to boost our immune systems, and our nails could use some calcium supplements, but also vitamin B-12, B-7 – Biotine, zinc, and iron. Depending on how fast your nails grow, it can take up to a couple of months to see the results, but you should keep going nonetheless
Nails Collage 03 The right way to file
We have all seen it in movies or copied the moves from our moms and friends: we file our nails back and forth. Sadly, this will do your nails more harm than good because it leaves the tip of the nail jagged. Instead, file them one way only to keep them strong.

Filing in both directions can also lead to peeling, splitting, and breaking, so you use your file to shorten and shape your nails. Use long, light strokes to minimize friction and get the best result.

If you manage to stick to these few simple guidelines and find a way to keep your nails healthy, you will no longer feel the urge to leave your home wearing gloves just to hide them. Healthy nails look good when they are both short and long, just make sure you apply some nail polish to emphasize their beauty.

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