Have You Ever Had an MRI, I Have and Dont Like The Closed In Feeling

Tips For The MRIMRi Machine

Before you go to an appointment for an MRI, there are a few things that you should know so that you can have a comfortable experience. An open MRI machine is usually the best option if you don’t like being in enclosed spaces. It also allows more freedom of movement if you have any kind of IV line or if you have equipment with you, such as a walker.

When you get to the imaging center or hospital, you will likely have to change into a hospital gown so that the machine can get the best image possible. You should leave all jewelry at home because you’ll have to take it off anyway when you get to the site. You can often keep your under clothes on as long as they are cotton, so it’s best if women don’t wear a bra with an underwire or a metal clasp. The technician will probably cover you with a blanket as many imaging centers are chilly.

While you’re getting the scan done, it’s important that you don’t move. The scan shouldn’t last long, but in order to get the best picture, it’s best if you lay as still as possible. There might be times when the technician will tell you to breathe in or out at certain times in order to get a better look at the lungs or other areas of the body, but don’t move unless you’re told. This will help the scanning process go as quickly as possible so that you can go home.

If you don’t like loud sounds, then ask the technician for ear plugs. They will likely give you a pair so that you don’t focus on the sound of the machine as it goes around your body. If you experience any kind of discomfort, then you need to let the technician know immediately so that the scan can be stopped. Keeping the eyes closed is a good technique so that you feel a little calmer. With the ear plugs in place, it makes the scan a little less frightening, especially if you don’t like being in a tight space.

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