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Mondays Refllection * This week the color of magenta: Uplifting when feeling angry and despondent. It is associated with compassion, support and kindness. Avoid if feeling chronically depressed. Magenta is a combination of red and violet, thus combining our physical self with our spiritual self, balancing body and spirit. Magenta enables us to let go, and move with the flow of life. Letting go of routine, feelings, ideas and emotions. Magenta is said to be useful in the treatment of tinnitus, benign cysts and for detached retinas.

This hellebore's foliage is finer than most, allowing the full, fluffy flowers—a striking combination of magenta, yellow, and green—to take center stage. #gardening

Magenta striations embellish the 6-inch-wide cactus blooms of 'Blackberry Ripple' dahlia. | Photo: L. Alfonse/Getty |

Interesting wooden sunburst shown at J. Seitz & Co., New Preston, CT.

"Beach Glass and Magenta Joy" by essentialglimmer on Polyvore

Love this! Found it on Karlie's Boutique The color Magenta is a mood lifter and is complimentary to Green or Turquoise and yellow.  Impressive and gorgeous, geometric Geena necklace makes a stylish statement to set you apart from the crowd. A bib of red and magenta shapes offer a smart and fun look. Take full advantage of it's gorgeous and unique design. $42.00

LOVE HATE Tea Towel Set, Hand Printed, Water Based Ink, Magenta and Purple

Instrumental Music to Relax, Study and Work – Snowy Wood

Promotes: letting go of the past, blood supply to the brain, stimulates nervous system.
Good for: headaches, tinnitus, aggression.
Complementary colour: Green or Turquoise
Compassionate, knowledgeable, co-operative, stimulating, might of self, affectionate, forceful, loving, wise.

Source for article from Get Self Help

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